PLAY NOW Steam Tower

Let’s check how many steampunk fans are out there! Don’t know what steampunk is? Well, log in and look for the Steam Tower by NetEnt, it will give you a pretty good idea of this Victorian style science fiction extravaganza. The slot features the standard NetEnt layout and betting scheme. Steam Tower has 15 lines, as they are fixed there is no way of changing their number. But NetEnt came up with another way to spice the betting up. As they already had coins, they decided to add the levels.

PLAY NOW Nordic Heroes

Nordic Heroes was designed by IGT. By the look of it, you can’t say this slot is something unusual. It features standard 5 reels, three rows, and 30 paylines. The basic gameplay is as basic as it may possibly be: spin, land combos and win. But there are some extra features that make your experience at Nordic Heroes absolutely unforgettable. But first things first, let’s deal with the regular mode first. As we have said, the basic mode is plain. There is a set of paytiles.

PLAY NOW Mythic Maiden

Think you have seen it all and no slot can possibly surprise you? Well, welcome to the Netent’s curiosity shop. It’s full of weird, mysterious artifacts, most of which look nothing but scary to us. The layout is the good-old 5x3 grid. As for the paylines, we have thirty of those, all fixed. To adjust the spin bet, instead of changing the number of reels, Netent offers you a more sophisticated procedure. First, you pick the coin value. Those go from 0.01 to 0.50.

PLAY NOW Monopoly Bring the House Down

Having a hard time to imagine how to mix Monopoly and a slot? No need! There is a great company, Barcrest, and they have already done it. Actually, they have designed several Monopoly themed slots and all of them are fantastic, if not with design, but with gameplay and extras for sure. Monopoly Bring the House Down can’t boast some breathtaking visuals. The graphics are rather basic and remind of the arcade machines a lot.

PLAY NOW Valentine’s Victory

What do you expect from a slot named Valentine’s Victory? Not much, right? Probably you expect some cheesy ambiance, filled with hearts, ribbons and red roses. If truth be told, we expected the same. As it turned out, Valentine’s Victory looks just like we expected. It is in fact full of hearts and candies and red roses and damn cupids. But underneath all this ridiculous mushy extravaganza, this slot is absolutely unique. Trust us, you have never seen anything like it.

PLAY NOW Unicorn Legend

Have you ever seen a unicorn? We had. And it’s not a joke. NextGen made sure everyone has a chance to witness those majestic creatures every now and then. Just log in any house you like the most and find the Unicorn Legend slot. Unicorn Legend is a modern video slot. It features standard 5 reels and 25 lines. The lines are not fixed. You may choose how many you want to play on. The design is a bit sloppy: the background is extremely colorful and full of details that keep catching your eyes.

PLAY NOW Ultimate Universe

Ever dreamt of going to space? As kids, we probably all dreamt of becoming brave astronauts orbiting the Earth. As we grew up, we watched StarTrack or suchlike, and we dreamt bigger: we dreamt of outer space and distant universes. For most of us it was just a sweet pipedream, but others went further. They have managed to accomplish it and actually visited space. But you don’t have to go through tough space program anymore.

PLAY NOW Twin Spin

Are you into classic casino slots as we are? Guess we all love those simple machines. Some say their gameplay is way too simplified, that the quality of their graphics and animation is way too low. Sometimes it’s reasonable, but sometimes it’s far from it. That’s the case with NetEnt’s Twin Spin. They took the classic fruit machine and turned it into an exciting modern video slot, one of the finest machines in the market.

PLAY NOW Triple Red Hot Sevens

Do you like the three-reelers as we do? Guess you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right? We have great news for you. We have a new 3-reels IGT slot it town. It’s young, bold and steaming hot! The layout is pretty obvious at Triple Red Hot Sevens. We have three reels featuring 5 paylines. The main idea of this slot is pretty much like anywhere else. You bet, spin, hit combos and win. It’s as simple as is may be. First things first: let’s start with betting and combos.

PLAY NOW Triple Diamond

Sometimes when we get tired of over-complicated slots with unusually high game pace, we come to the house just to relax, sip on some drink and enjoy simple games. Something simple and classic with a calm gameplay like a three-reeler. If you are feeling the same now and then, join us at spinning the Triple Diamond slot. It’s one of the best choices if you need to take a break and relax a bit. The slot was introduced by IGT, well-known for its expertise at classic slots.


Slot machines are the most popular type of activity in every online casino. And we created the biggest and the fullest list of slots. You can see them on this page so you can try them, rate them and even play for free. The detailed description of every slot machine will give you full understanding of rules, number of combinations and possible wins on those machines.

Every casino has a huge range of different slots. Developers use a lot of topics and themes to create the newest games. Almost all of first slot machines were with fruits on the reel, but now all them are perfected and modernized. Developers created machines with astonishing graphics and mini-games to give gambler the most of pleasure from slots. Now you can have slots with every theme you can imagine. There are games about fruits, traveling, countries and continents, cartoons, erotica and even slots that are especially created on motives of the most popular movies.

So how much can you win with slots? A lot of them form your prize considering your bet and number of lines that are used in your game. But there are some machines that can give you the real jackpot. Sometimes jackpot goes as high as truly crazy amount of several millions of dollars. And every gambler has the chance of winning it.

You can choose your own type of game with slot machines. It can be for free in training mode or with real money. We provide you with such an opportunity. If you want to try out some slots for training or just have some fun, you can play on our website with no deposit at all. Just pick the slot machine you like, click on it and enjoy the proses. But if you want to really try out your luck, go to the casino we’ve already checked for you, complete your registration and fight for the chance of winning huge jackpot that will make you true millionaire.