PLAY NOW Prosperity Twin

NextGen certainly knows how to attract attention. And not only attention of the gamblers from Asia. Its Prosperity Twin is an eye candy. The background of the slot is in juicy, vibrant colors and represents some divine scenery. It looks like heaven on earth or the garden of Eden, if the Chinese believe in Eden, of course. A lake surrounded by the mountains full of crystal clear blue water. The waterfalls pouring from the mountains into the lake, and the lotuses dancing on the surface of the water.

PLAY NOW Pyramid Quest

When it comes to Ancient Egypt, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? We always think about the Great Pyramids in Giza. It’s enormously fascinating why those people got into so much trouble with what is basically a bunch of tombstones. But those are some magnificent tombstones, worthy of kings. A great way to commemorate the great rulers of their land, making them virtually immortal. Netent decided to introduce this idea of immortality into a very unusual slot.

PLAY NOW Scruffy Duck

What can be more relaxing than an evening by a lake after a busy day? Only an evening playing a Scruffy Duck slot by NetEnt. There you not only get a chance to relax by the water and watch the water life, you also get a chance to hit a cash win and recall your childhood. Is there anything in the world cooler than that? The basic idea of Scruffy Duck is extremely simple: it has five reels and 25 paylines. The lines are fixed, so there is no way you can adjust them.

PLAY NOW Shamrockers

Are you into rock? We are. But the rub is, there aren’t many hot rock-themed slots on the market. At least so it was before IGT introduced its Shamrockers. Guess it’s quite clear from the name that this game is not only about rock, it’s also about Ireland. So, we get an Irish-style rock slot in total. It’s a bit more than we have expected. Let’s figure out if it is a good combo. Shamrockers features 20 lines and 5 reels. The lines are fixed.

PLAY NOW Oktoberfest

October is still the most anticipated month of the year for all those beer-drinking folks from all over the world. It’s true, this year there is no chance to celebrate it in Bavaria, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it at home. All you need is some spare time, a pair of leather pants, some sauerkraut and plenty of beer. Sauerkraut is optional, by the way! Most connoisseurs just stick with plain beer! Studio Eight decided to give their two cents into the October beer-drinking extravaganza.

PLAY NOW Renegades

Imagine a world where everyone is playing by the rules! Sounds pretty boring, right? Sometimes breaking rules is fun, profitable, and sexy. We are speaking for ourselves only, but people we admire are not always knights in shining armours. At times, they behave naughty. Aren’t we all like that? Don’t we all fall for bad guys or girls? Nextgen understands us perfectly, thus they introduced a new slot. It’s full of badass characters. But those are not guys, those are gals.

PLAY NOW Santa s Super

Miss Christmas? Get your house decorated for the festivities in early November? Already bought the gifts? Have the Christmas tree decorated? Well, that’s the spirit. So why wait till December to start playing the most Christmas-ish slot of them all? Santa’s Super Slot guarantees you some holiday spirit, joy and gifts regardless of the season. First things first, though. Santa’s Super Slot is obviously themed around Christmas. Season greetings are in every line, in every reel, and in every tile there.

PLAY NOW Piggy Riches

Care to join some super gross rich crowd? Well, who doesn’t? So please welcome to the Piggy Riches. It’s where the richest of the rich spend their time. Hope you don’t mind that all of them are pigs? Why not make self-mockery any gambler’s strong suit? So is there anything but a bunch of pigs and a share of jeer the slot has to offer? When it comes to design, Piggy Riches is quite straightforward. When they say riches that mean riches. Like, literally!

PLAY NOW Mirror Mirror

Once upon the time there was a gambler who tried all the 243-ways slots and failed to find the hot one. The end. Sad story, right? And not true anymore, thanks to the Netent’s Mirror Mirror. Mirror Mirror is a five-reeler based on Snow White’s immortal story, hence the name. Pretty straightforward, but so be it. The layout is standard: five reels, three rows and standard 243 bet ways to win on. So the first tile has to land on the first reel on the left. That’s obligatory as all the wins are paid left to right only.

PLAY NOW Merlin's Millions

Reviewing Nextgen is not easy. We keep forgetting they are not cartoons, and you are supposed to play, not watch them. The graphics and animation are perfect. Period. Like well-designed slots? Try Merlin’s Millions. It’s hard to imagine more fairy tale-ish design. The background is in fantastic hues of purple and green. Merlin himself is right there by the reel grid, initiating bonuses and casting spells. The animation runs smoothly, and it is technically perfect. As for the gameplay, it’s more or less standard.


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