Zombie FC


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What would happen if a bunch of zombies took over one of the most loved sports games of all time? Log into your favorite casino and see for yourself. All you need is to find a Zombie FC slot. The game is powered by proprietary software, and it’s exclusive to certain sites only, so hope your house has it.

Zombie FC is a standard 5-reels video slot with 243 pay ways. Never heard of 243 pay ways? It simply means the slot has no regular paylines. So to win, you need to hit a combination of identical tiles not on a line but on consecutive reels starting from the far left one. The rest is absolutely identical to the paylines' method. You hit a combo of at least three and up to five tiles, and you get paid according to the paytable. 

Let’s talk about the tiles, first. They fit the overall post-apocalyptic design perfectly. For a background, we have a semi-destroyed stadium filled with a gory-looking crowds of walking dead fans. The reels are designed like a goal stand filled with tiles. The paytiles come in two variants. 

First, are four Football Jerseys all covered in mud, blood and something that resembles pus. The Jerseys are numbered from 7 to 10, 7 being the lowest paid tile of the game. Apart from the Jersey tiles, there are five more icons. And those are paid higher. They are even called the high paid tiles. Each of them features a zombie character. The lowest paid of those is an Umpire Zombie, then there are two tiles with fans: a Girl and a Guy in a Suit. 

The last two icons feature the Soccer Players: the Captain and the Goalkeeper. As for the payouts, they are hard to describe, as the paytable is progressive, thus all you see is a payout at a given bet. But to give you a basic idea, the lowest paid tile, a 7 Jersey, is paid $0.70 for 5 of one kind at a minimal bet of $0.50. The highest paid tile of the game, the Captain, will be worth $6.00 at the same bet.

We figure the regular tiles and the regular gamemode are pretty clear now, let’s move to the perks. The first would be the Scatter. It’s an icon with a Soccer Cup decorated with blood and some intestines. Scatters are cool. First, because they are paid in any position. 

The rule ‘any combo should start on the leftmost reel’ doesn’t apply to them. Second, scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet. Thus, the payouts would be quite impressive. For five of one kind you will get $125.00 even at the smallest bet possible. But Scatter is not only a paytile, it activates the bonus free spins' mode. If you hit three Scatters, you will receive 15 spins. For four Scatters, you will get 20 spins. And finally, five Scatters activate 25 spins on the house. 

All the free spins will be at a bet of a triggering spin, of course. The free spins' mode comes with a very nifty feature: if you win a spin, the following spin will come with an increasing multiplier 2x. If the next spin will be winning too, the multiplier will grow to 3x, then to 4x, to 5x and finally to 10x. But if you break the winning session, the multiplier meter resets to 1x. 

Then, there is a Wild. It’s a substitute that may replace any missing tile so a winning combo can be formed. The Wild is a soccer ball signed ‘Wild’. It’s really hard to miss it. The Wild appears on any reel but the first one. Its main perk is that it can become stacked. In the main game mode stacked wilds appear on the 3rd, 4th and 5th reels, and in the free games’ mode they appear on the 2nd. 3rd and 4th reels. Also, the wild may be expandable. 

This animated feature looks awesome and is extremely hot as it allows to form many more winning combos. The Wilds may expand only on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels and only in the main game mode. There may be only two expanded reels at a time. 

The last bonus perk we need to mention is the Tumbling Reels feature. After a winning spin, during any game mode, the winning tiles disappear and the tiles above fall in their places. If you win with the new combination, the feature activates again. It will go on activating until you lose for the first time. 

As for the bets you may wager from $0.50 to $100.00 per spin. To change the bet, just press on the widget with the current wager. The pop-up window will appear, and you will be able to select the new wager.

We have already seen the Walking Dead, now let’s take a look at the dead playing soccer. It looks scary but fun and is definitely the hottest massive entertainment around with an RTP of almost 96%. So, enjoy. After all, it’s human nature to come together.  


Very nice game
Date: 2021-03-15 13:55:59