Zeus the God of Thunder


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Zeus the God of Thunder

Are you into mythology-themed slots? We certainly are. When choosing which mythology slot to spin, why not choose the slot devoted to the most powerful god of Greek mythology, Zeus himself? The Zeus slot was introduced by the SG Corp. It is a five reels slot with fixed lines. But it only seems standard at the very first sight. Some interesting new features have been added to its gameplay, its bonus features are striking and the wins are pretty solid.

Winning at Zeus is pretty much like winning anywhere else. The main goal is to hit a combination of identical symbols on one line. The tiles are partially taken from the cards: here you have Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces. Apart from them, you have mythology themed icons featuring Zeus, a Lion, an Eagle, a Laurel Wreath. Also, there are Lightnings and an Amphora.

You can look the payouts up in the payout table. It is progressive, so there are no factors offered, just the final payouts for every combo, and it, obviously, changes when you change the bet. As usual, the minimal combo is the set of three icons, and the max set is the set of five. 

Apart from the regular tiles, there are two special symbols. First is the Wild. It’s a replacement tile that takes the spot of any missing symbol from the combination. It appears on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels only. The Wild comes with a 2x multiplier for the wins. All combinations start on the first reel.

The slot features 30 lines, but all of them are fixed. So to bet, you can modify the size of the line stake only. Here, it varies from 0.01 to 1.00. Thus, judging from the 30 lines, you expect your total wager to be from 0.30 to 30.00 in total. But it’s not exactly true. There is one more extra feature, called the bonus bet. 

As if you bet not only on the lines but also on the bonus features. If you bet minimal 0.01 per line, the bonus bet will be worth 0.20, thus your total spin wager will be 0,50. If you bet the maximum of 1.00 per line, then the bonus bet will be worth 20.00 making your total wager worth 50.00 credits. 

But there are more betting options waiting for you at Zeus. Behold a special betting button that activates the extra wager. If you bet max, it will be worth 45.00. So your spin wager will be 75.00. In case you bet the minimal line stake, the extra wager will be worth 0.45 and the total spin is worth 0.75. 

Another bonus perk is hard to ignore. Looking at the reelscreen you can’t but notice the three spinning wheels right on top of the regular five reels of the slot. These are the bonus wheels. The wedges of all the wheels are labeled with different bonuses: jackpots, wilds, free games and more. 

This feature is called Wild Zeus Spin bonus. To win a bonus, you have to spin the Bonus Wheel first. There is a special scatter activating this bonus perk. This special tile is called the Background. If you wonder why, it’s because it is literally a background of the reelscreen. It looks like a hole in the reels. You can see the background of the slot through it. You have to land at least 3 of those on the reels to activate the bonus wheels. 

Actually, the background tile and the background of the slot itself are really impressive. The slot’s background looks like the sky with fast-moving clouds. The graphics and animation are fascinating. Stormy skies look extremely realistic. The animation is smooth and the occasional flashes of lightnings seem natural. 

So after the background tile activates the Zeus Spin Bonus, one of the three bonus wheels start to spin to figure out what bonus you will get. First time the feature gets activated only the first wheel spins. It is called the ‘3rd in a row wheel.’ But you might switch to the 4th in the row or the 5th in a row wheel if you hit the corresponding wedge on the first wheel. This bonus is called the re-spin of the bonus wheel.

Apart from the re-spin, spinning the bonus wheel may award you with a share of free spins. The number of free games will be indicated on the wedge. Actually, the total number depends on whether you activated the extra wager button or not. Without the extra wager, you may get from 5 to 50 free games, depending on the wheel. But if you use the extra wager option, then you are eligible for 7 to 100 free games. A unique set of reels is used for free spins. 

Also, while spinning the bonus wheels, you may trigger the Zeus Wild Spins Round. It happens if you hit the Wild wedge. The bonus adds from 4 to 12 extra Wild tiles on the second, third or fourth reels. The number depends on whether you use the extra wager feature or not. 

But the best bonus option to win at the bonus spins is the jackpot. There are five jackpots available at this game. The exact sum of every jackpot varies depending on the line bet. In case you wager the minimal stake, the smallest jackpot will be worth 12.00 credits while the biggest jackpot will be worth 1,000.00 coins. 

In case you like betting big and choose the highest line bet possible, then the smallest jackpot will be worth 1,200.00 and the biggest will be 100,000.00 coins. By the way, the extra bet button has no influence over the size of jackpots. Even if your stakes are relatively moderate, you might win up to 1,000.00 credits in a spin. 

The user’s interface features so many unusual buttons and knobs, it seems a bit confusing at first. Don’t panic if you get lost. Just remember, you can’t activate the three wheels on top of the reels screen unless you hit a special scatter combo. So don’t worry about them and let them be. The widget with the jackpots in the upper right corner is there for your comfort. You can influence the jackpot payouts by changing the value of your line bet. But there is no way you can choose which one to hit. So don’t worry about them either. 

Out of all the control buttons, pay attention to the most important ones. Namely, the widgets at the bottom of the screen and the buttons at the lower right corner. Here, you can set the line wager using the ‘+’ and the ‘-’ buttons. Also, there is a paytable icon, in case you need to check the wins. Also, you may set an Autospin session using the Auto knob. You may choose from 10 to 200 automatic spins. You may set the auto spins to stop in case you lose over a certain sum, or after a big win as well. 

The Spin button is pretty self-explanatory, but there is one more knob that requires your attention. It is called the extra wager button, we have mentioned above. It allows you to bet some additional sum at every spin. Extra wager influences the bonus features and the wins. The widgets at the bottom of the screen are also helpful. Here you will find the total stake and total wins.

Zeus is one of the most unusual slots we have played. It features so many extra perks it is hard to keep track of them all. The betting is also extremely unusual. It would probably suit the punters with aggressive betting styles. Though the total spin worth 50.00 credits is not that high, so gamblers with smaller bankrolls would be quite happy with Zeus too. 

Spare some time to spin the Zeus the God of Thunder slot. It’s a highly unusual slot with intricate gameplay and endless betting possibilities. And it may rock your world. Literally.


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Date: 2021-02-15 03:20:17