Witchcraft Academy


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Have you ever dreamt of getting a letter from Hogwarts when you were younger? Some of us still cherish this hope. Now you have a chance to feel like a mighty wizard or a powerful witch just by spinning the slot. Check out NetEnt’s Witchcraft Academy. It’s fully certified by the Ministry of Magic.

Witchcraft Academy is one of the most impressive slots on the market. It features a brilliant design and a unique gameplay. Its design is flawless: impeccable graphics and smooth animation. Spinning it, you get the feeling of being in a cartoon rather than in a slot.

Behind this visual perfection is a story of two Witchcraft Academy students: a young man Earthan and a young woman Efora. They find their way into the locked library. Guess what? It was locked for a reason. And now they have to use all their creativity and the magical skills they have to find the hidden treasure. 

The gameplay is very elaborate, and it matches the story. This video slot is a standard five-reeler. But its layout is somewhat peculiar. It has not three, but four lines. Also, the slot features 20 paylines, though they are fixed. There are two basic game modes in the Witchcraft Academy: the regular and the bonus ones. 

At the regular mode, you win by hitting the combos on the reels. But the most unusual feature of the regular mode is that the combos don’t have to start on the leftmost or the rightmost reels. That is how the things are usually done in the slots, right? Well, not anymore! Here, at Witchcraft Academy, the combo is just a succession of tiles starting anywhere on a line. 

The only regulation is that the combo has to comprise at least 3 tiles to be considered legit. Of course, no gaps are allowed. 

The tiles themselves are perfect here. There are four card-borrowed tiles and four unique ones. But they are all designed and animated with such attention to details and precision, it’s breathtaking. 

The card-borrowed tiles are the four cards suits, and they are paid exactly the same. For the combination of three tiles, you will get 5x. Four tiles are worth 10x. The maximum combo of five tiles on a line is paid 40x. The unique tiles are our students and their elements. Five Earthan tiles are paid 400x. The same combo of Efora tiles is paid 200x. Efora’s element, an Owl, is paid 80x for five. Earthan’s element, the Dragon, is paid 100x for the max combo.

Apart from the regular game mode, there is a special bonus mode. It features different yummies. The first bonus tile is the Wild. It’s an icon with the Academy emblem: the capital ‘W.’ It replaces missing tiles and thus helps to make winning combos. The Wild may replace any regular tile, but it can’t take the place of scatters or the bonus spins tiles. The Wild appears on all the reels but the middle one. It also appears during the bonus mode. 

Another bonus-loaded tile is a Bonus Scatter tile. If you hit three anywhere on the reels, the Elements Bonus game is activated. The bonus mode is fantastic. It’s a Pixar quality animated immersive video feature. Here you would find yourself part of the Wizard’s Chess game. You may play either for Earthan or for Efora. After you make your choice, your character casts a spell at a random column of figures using their elements. The elements hit and clear the closest figure in the column. 

If the element hits a figure with a coin, then a random win from 10 to 200 times the wager worth will be added to your account. If the elements hit an Armored Guard, it explodes, destroying all the adjacent tiles vertically or horizontally. 

When the element hits three Scatters, the Free Spins are unlocked. The Scatters appear only in the fourth row. Each of them has its own bonus perk. The leftmost scatter hides the Overlay Wild Reel 1 feature. Then, the scatters in the 2nd and the 4th rows award you with 5 extra free games. The scatter tile in the middle row comes with a 2x multiplier. And the last scatter, in the fifth row, grants you the Overlay Wild Reel 5 feature. 

To activate the free spin round you have to hit 3 scatters during the bonus game. Unless the free spin mode is activated, you return to the regular mode after your last shot is made. All your winnings are added to the regular mode wins.

But when the free spins are activated, a totally new bonus game begins. To activate the free games, you need to hit 3 scatters during the bonus round. During the free games you will have five spins on the house. The spins are played at the coin value and the bet level of the triggering game. 

Free Spins are re-triggerable. For two Bonus tiles you will get 5 extra free spins. For 3 Bonus tiles, you get 10 more spins. Hit four Bonus icons, and get yourself 15 more games. And for the five Bonus icons,  you will be given 20 more spins free of charge.

As you can see the slot’s gameplay is highly unusual, the bonus features are extremely generous and peculiar. But Witchcraft Academy’s betting is simple, just like in any other machine. Here you can’t choose lines as they are fixed, what you can choose is the coin value and the betting level. Coins can be worth from 0.01 to 1.00 credits. And there are ten available betting levels. 

The minimal bet of 0.01 coin per 20 lines at the 1st level will be predictably worth 0.20 credits. The max bet at the tenth level and with a coin worth 1.00 will be 200.00 credits. To figure out the wins, check the coin and the level values as well. When you hit a combo, multiply its value from the paytable by the coin value and then by the level. 

Witchcraft Academy surprised us a lot. We bet you have never seen anything like it before. The gameplay only pretends to be ordinary. But as it turns out, it is full of unusual and extremely exciting features that not only entertain but actually bring you some solid wins. The slot is definitely hot in every sense of this word! Give it a spin, it will go beyond any expectations. 


A real slot about witchcraft and magic
Date: 2021-02-15 03:10:58