Winter Wonders Slot


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What can be better than Christmas holidays? You eat all you want, sleep all day long, and finally can relax and do absolutely nothing. Well, there is one thing that can make your holidays even better. We are talking about spending some time at an online house playing your favorite games. 

But Christmas is such a lazy time, we personally don’t like thinking too much about gameplay and intricate strategies. So the best game for the holiday season is a simple one. We happen to know just the right game. 

Winter wonders slot online crystal

It’s Rival’s Winter Wonders. It’s simple, but has strong wins and some bonus features everyone enjoys. What’s more, it’s themed around Christmas. Let’s take a look at a perfect Christmas slot. 

As we have said, the game is simple. There are five standard reels and 15 lines. The lines are not fixed, so you may choose how many you want to play using the special button at the bottom of the screen, or you may just press the corresponding number on the sidebar of the reels’ screen. Betting is done an old-fashioned way at Winter Wonders. 

Winter wonders slot online win 26 euro

After you choose the number of lines to play, you choose the number of coins to bet per line. Here you are free to choose anywhere from one to five coins. Then, goes the value of coins, The minimal coin value is 0.01 while the max is 1.00. Thus, the total wager per spin may vary from 0.15 to 75.00. This maximum looks rather modest to us, but may work just fine for you. 

The gameplay is as simple as it may be. You pick the lines and then land a combination of identical tiles on it. As combos are paid left to right, all of them have to start on the first reel from the left. There are supposed to be at least two or three tiles in a combo, and the tops for any combo is obviously five of one kind. 

Winter wonders slot online heart win

The design of the game is just like its gameplay, it’s rather simple too. There are no elaborate graphics or animation features. Everything looks basic and a bit cartoonish. But that suits our festive spirit just right. All the tiles are somehow related to Christmas. 

An icon with Hot Chocolate and Christmas Decorations both will be paid 90x for five. A tile with Holly and the one with Turkey are paid 100x for five of one kind. Candles will be worth 125x for the max combination. 

Winter wonders slot online 22 euro win

A Present is worth 150x for five. Five Christmas Stockings are paid 200x. Then there are three tiles with extra perks. The max combination of five Candy Canes is paid 400x. Five Christmas Trees are worth 400x as well. So what’s so extra about them, you wonder? 

Well, those two may form combos starting from two tiles of one kind only. So two Christmas Trees of Candy Canes will triple the line bet. And finally, the highest paid tile of the slot is the Silver Bells icon. It may form combos starting from only two tiles of one kind as well. For such a combo, you will be paid 6x. But if you hit five Bells, you will get your line wager multiplied 1,000 times. 

Winter wonders slot online king

As for the bonus features, Winter Wonders have a standard variety of those. First, there is a Wild. It is a tile with Santa himself, and it has a huge sign ‘Wild’ so there is no chance you can miss it. 

As always, the wild is a substitute that can replace a tile missing in a combo. It can replace any tile but the scatter one. The wild comes with a doubling multiplier. Also, Wilds may form combinations. The minimal combo will be two of one kind. It is paid 10x. The max combo of 5 tiles is worth 5,000x.

Winter wonders slot online fairy

Another perk is the scatter tile. It’s a tile with Sleigh, and it triggers the free games’ mode. To get 10 spins on the house, you need to land three, four or five scatters on the reels. The tile comes with a tripling multiplier. 

The feature can be re-triggered, giving you 10 more spins for free. What’s more, the tile can form combos from 2 to 5 of one kind. The minimal combo is paid twice the total spin bet, while the max combo is paid 100x the total wager. 

Winter wonders slot online big win 298 euro

Now when Christmas is finally here, you have spent some quality time with your folks, overate, woke up too early and had some time to pout about some trifle. Maybe now is the right time for some spinning. Simple and hot festive entertainment is just what any gambler needs at Christmas. 


This is great slot! :)
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