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One can never get enough of Wild West slots! This theme is one of the most popular among gamblers. Try to think how many Wild West slots you have spun. One? Two? It’s more likely 10 or 20. Classic westerns have left the movie theaters, but not the minds and hearts of the fans. Now you can have all western fun you want in an online casino. 

What’s your favorite token of the Wild Wild West era of the American history? Some say it’s a sheriff. Others prefer bandits and cowboys. There are those who enjoy saloons and brothels the most. NextGen’s Wild West is all about having fun. The slot is set in the saloon. It’s a classic west saloon with a grumpy bartender, batwing doors, plenty of whiskey and a charming lady-owner.

Wild West’s gameplay is basic: five reels and 10 fixed lines. Winning in regular mode means you have to hit a winning combo on one of the paylines. All the combos start on the leftmost reel. The lowest paid tiles of the slot are the Pair of Riding Boots, the Decanter with Whiskey and the Cards’ Shoe. 

The combination of five of a kind is paid 100x the line bet. Then there are two tiles paid 150x per five of one kind. They are the Saloon and the Bag of Cash. All the aforementioned tiles have a minimal combo of 3 tiles. There are two more icons. They have the minimal combo of two and their payouts are much higher. 

The Horse is paid 200x for five and 5x for two of one kind. The sassy Lady Owner is paid 1,000x the line wager for five and 5x for the minimal set of two. 

As you can see, the regular game mode is pretty ordinary. To spice it up, there are always some bonus features. Wild West has a Wild, It’s an icon with a Cowboy. As always, a Wild is a substitute. It takes place of any other tile but a scatter. The Wild appears in the base game mode and in the bonus mode. But it appears only on the 3rd, 4th and 5th reels. Another bonus feature tile is the Scatter. It’s an icon featuring the Stack of Chips. It appears during the bonus mode only.

So what is the bonus mode? It’s a Free Game, and it is triggered when you hit a Wild Cowboy in a winning combo at the regular mode. Apart from the win, the Cowboy brings you 5 free of charge spins. The Scatter tile, the Stack of Chips appears on the reels during the free games. The Scatter contains a random cash prize. It’s added to the account after the spins are over. The Free Games’ feature can be re-trigggerd. Once again, you have to hit a Cowboy tile to get 5 spins. 

The betting at Wild West is quite peculiar. Apart from the ordinary betting routine, you can also use a Super Bat feature. But first things first. To make a bet you don't need to choose lines. There are ten lines in the slot, and they are all fixed. What you do need to choose is the coin value. It may be 0.01 credits or 2.50 credits. So your total spin wager may be 0.10 credits or 25.00 credits. 

It’s not a strikingly huge amount, but don’t worry, we are not done yet. There is also an extra betting feature that brings more excitement to this standard procedure. The Super bet comprises 3 modes. When it is off, your bets are standard. The 2x mode, when activated, allows you to double the number of coins on each line. If you activate the 5x Super Bet mode, you multiply the spin wager by 5. 

The total spin wins will be multiplied by 2 or by 5 accordingly. How to activate the feature? There is a special Super Bet interactive widget right above the spin button. Just choose the level and press the 2x or 5x or ‘Off’ icons. 

The interface of the slot is very comfortable. There are no excess buttons or annoying widgets. Nothing distracts you from the game. There is no control panel, instead only three control buttons: Spin, Autospin and the betting widget. We enjoyed the design of the game a lot. It’s simple and functional, but visually perfect. 

If you are into westerns and the Wild West culture, you will be mad about the Wild West slot. It suits players with any bankroll, allows to adjust the betting, has plenty of easily activated bonus features. It has everything a gambler may want in a slot. If you have been looking for a perfect machine, guess what it might be it! Log in and see for yourselves! 


Mister, you are a real cowboy!
Date: 2021-02-15 03:20:27