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Super Seven! Super Bet! Super Power!

Feeling a little retro? Nextgen has introduced just the right slot for you. The company is rooted deeply in old school traditions and well-known for their creativity in reviving old-fashioned ideas, turning them into modern and ingenious slots. That is what was done in case of the Wild Play Super Bet machine. 

The core of the slot is a basic fruit machine. It’s a good solid old-fashioned concept. It has been around for as long as we can recall but gamblers still find it fascinating. Some consider it primitive, others go with the word ‘nostalgic’ describing it. We guess the term is not essential here. Gamblers worldwide know fruit machines. No matter how experienced you are as a gambler, you would recognize the concept or get a grasp of it in a jiffy. 

There is nothing out-of-date in Wild Play Super Bet when it comes to the quality of the design and gameplay. The slot is a perfection graphics- and animation-wise. It’s smooth and eye-catching, but not annoying. The colors are vivid and juicy. The overall layout is extremely pleasant to look at and the hues don’t wear out or bug. 

Wild Play's gameplay is pretty common for any other slot. Wild Play Super Bet has a classic layout with 5 reels and 40 lines. The lines are fixed. Winning is possible when you hit the combo of identical tiles on one of the lines.

All combos start on the leftmost reel, but the scatter ones. They are paid regardless of the position on the reels. Each combo is paid according to the paytable. Just multiply the combo multiplier by the coin value and there is your win. If you hit several combos in a spin, you’ll get paid for all of them.

Speaking of the payouts. The paytable here is rather short: only seven tiles. By now you have probably guessed they are all fruits and sevens, basically. Remember, Wild Play Super Bet is a fruit slot. The Cherries or Lemons will be paid 40x the bet for five. 

Watermelons are paid 50x for an identical combo. Five Bells Are worth 100x. The Green and Blue Diamonds are paid 150x for five of a kind. Seven is the highest-paid tile of a slot, and it is paid 300x for the five. The minimal combo for all the tiles are three of one kind on a line. 

The regular mode gameplay is pretty basic, as everyone expects it to be. But apart from it, there are some bonus features that turn this basic slot into an exciting gambling adventure. First, there is the Wild tile. Wilds are substitutes that replace missing tiles from combos. 

That is exactly what they do here. As in any other slot, Wilds can’t replace any other scatter, just regular tiles. Wilds appear only on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels. Each wild in the slot comes with a multiplier. The multiplier depends on what Super Bet level you are on. Thus, if you are on the zero level all the wilds will be worth x1. If you are on the fourth level, all the wilds will come with x5 multiplier. 

This Super Bet extra wager is quite an interesting feature. Using it you may change the value of the wilds multiplying your spin wins by up to 5 times. Super Bet comprises 5 levels. The first of them, or the 0 level, is the regular mode of the game wagers. It comes with a basic 1x multiplier for the wild. 

The next level is level 1. To activate it, press the corresponding widget on the Super Bet Scale to the right of the reels. It raises your wild multipliers twice and in case of a win, doubles it. Theoretically you would expect the next levels to continue this pattern, but there is a little catch. 

The 2nd level triples your wilds’ multipliers tripling your wins, but the wager is not only triples, there is an extra coin added to it. So if you bet 1.00 credit, the x3 Super Bet stake will be 4.00 credits. Then comes the 3rd level. Activate it and it will multiply your wins 4 times by changing the value of the Wilds’ multipliers. The spin wager also is raised four times plus the coin value. So for the 1.00 credit stake, you will bet 5.00 credits. 

The tops for the feature is the 4th level. It multiplies your spin wins 5 times with the x5 Wilds. And the spin bet is multiplied by 5 plus a coin value. For the 1 credit worth coin, you’ll wager 6.00 credits. 

Another bonus perk in the slot is the Scatter. Hit at least 3 and enjoy 10 free games. The bonus tile is the one with diamonds and a huge yellow sign ‘Bonus.’ Hard to miss. As usual, the free games are played at the bet of the triggering spin. 

Free Spins can be re-triggered. And the best thing about the Free Games here is that the wild multipliers are doubled during the free spins. What’s more, the Bonus Scatter can form combos. The payout for it is worth 80x. The scatter also appears on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels only. 

Betting here turns out to be quite interesting and complex. First, you can make your standard mode bet. The lines are fixed so you can change to total bet only. To adjust the wager, change the coin’s value. You may go from 0.01 to 0.50 per coin. The minimal wager will be 0.50. Nope, not 0.40 according to the number of the lines, but 0.50: 0.40 for the lines and 0.10 for the bonus features. 

The tops bet will be 25.00 credits. Doesn’t seem striking, but if you apply the Super Bet multipliers, the numbers will change drastically. For the tops x5 Super Bet multiplier at the highest coin value, your total spin bet will be worth 150.00. 

Enjoy slots with simple quality design, clear layout and an intricate gameplay? Pay attention to Wild Play! It will definitely become your favorite. The major perk here is betting. You are free to adjust not only basic coins or lines. Here, you may play with different multipliers at your discretion. As the betting range is rather moderate, you have plenty of room for it. 

You know what; Nextgen gets our thumbs up for making the fruit slot great again. Incredible work turning something so basic into something fascinating by adding just one simple feature! Enjoy every spin!


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