Wheel of Fortune on Tour


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The Road to Riches

Guess we all get a bit tired of staying at home. What about a good-old road trip? Sounds good for a change? IGT offered us a fun and hot slot: the Wheel of Fortune on Tour. Spin and travel along the famous Route 66 and beyond, winning along the way. Sounds like a great pastime, right? Let’s figure it out.

The wheel of Fortune on Tour is basically a standard 5-reels slot with 30 fixed paylines. The gameplay of the base mode is similar to the one of any other slot. The main idea is to hit a combination of matching tiles starting on the leftmost reel. All combos have to consist of at least three identical tiles to count. To figure out the win, multiply the stake per line by the multiplier of a particular combination. If you are lucky to hit several combos in one spin, then all your wins get summed up.

Let’s figure out the main game mode tiles. They are inspired by Route 66 and the on-the-road romance. The Roadmap, Route 66 Road Sign and the Keys are the cheapest tiles, they are worth 150x the line bet for five of one kind. The tiles with Philadelphia, Alamo and Mount Rushmore are worth 250 times the wager for the set of five. New York tile is paid 500x the line wager for five. 

The Hollywood sign will be worth 1,250x the line bet for the set of 5. The tile with the slot’s logo is the highest-paid tile of the game, it’s worth 2,500 for five of a kind. 

You say it’s pretty common gameplay and you are 100% right. But the Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot is not all about the base mode. There is more to it. And this ‘more’ is the bonus modes. There is not one, but several highly peculiar bonus features you might find pretty hot. 

First, the Wild feature. Of course, the slot features the substitute tile or the Wild. As always, it replaces the missing tiles to form winning combos on the lines. The Wild here is a tile with the slot’s logo. 

The bonus tile is an icon with a yellow bus signed ‘Bonus.’ If you hit three of those anywhere on the reels, the bonus feature is activated. During the Bonus mode, you spin the wheel of fortune filled with cash wins. When it stops, the pointer will show you how much you have won. 

But there is more to this seemingly simple feature. The longer you play, the more Level Up options you unlock, the more different bonus features appear on your wheel of fortune. To go up in the Level Up feature, you have to collect Fuel points along the way. The easiest way to earn some fuel points is to hit a Bonus tile on the first reel. It rewards you automatically with one fuel point.

Hit 10 of those, and you get a full gas can when the bonus time arrives. But if you hit the bonus activating combo earlier, the gas can will fill up automatically. After the bonus ends, the gauge and the gas can get reset. Each earned gas can moves your Wheelmobile one space along the map. To check your progress, just press on the map icon in the upper left corner of the reelscreen. 

What bonus features can you unlock on the wheel of fortune? There is, for example, Free Play Free Spins Bonus. After any spin that has no Bonus tile on the first reel, it may be triggered randomly. During the Free game you will have three free spins. At the first spin, one regular tile is selected and all its occurrences on the reels will be replaced by the Wild. 

During the second spin, one more regular tile on the reels will be replaced by the wild. And during the third spin, the third tile is replaced by the Wild. And at the free spin mode the wild replaces all the tiles, even the bonus scatter. The wins at the free games’ mode are the same as during the regular mode. The stake stays at the same level as during the spin that triggered the bonus feature. 

Letter Board Picker is another great bonus feature. It’s a standard pick me game. You would have to open letters on the Wheel of Fortune letter board. Initially, you will have three picks with 1x multiplier to your wins. Some letters are worth 50-500 credits, others come with extra picks or extra multipliers. After the feature is over, your wins will be added to your regular mode game wins. 

Spin to Win Bonus is yet one more Wheel of Fortune perk. First, you select a letter to set the top award for the wheel. The top awards range from 1,500 to 20,000 credits. Then you spin the wheel. When it stops, the pointer will show you your win. You may either accept it or decline. If you hit the top award, it will be accepted automatically. But if you decline, your winning slice will be replaced by the 50 credits worth slice and the feature will end. 

But the perks are not over yet. There are three more wedges of the wheel of fortune worth mentioning. Like Expanded Top Awards that triples your chances to get the top prize of the slot. Or the Bonus Trigger Boost, which is a mystery feature triggered after certain spins. During it, the Bonus tiles on the 3rd and the 5th reels will activate the On Tour Bonus. Another nice perk is the Multiplier slice. It is an option that awards you with a multiplier worth from 2 to 5 that will be applied to your extra free spin of the wheel of fortune. 

As for betting, it’s pretty simple at the Wheel of Fortune on Tour. The lines are fixed, so you can’t change their number. The only thing you may change is the total bet value. To change the spin bet, adjust the coin value. It may be worth from 1.00 credit to 500.00 credits. So your total bet goes from 50.00 to 25,000.00 credits. 

Why so, you wonder? There are 30 lines in the slot. Even so, 50 coins are staked for each spin: 30 for the lines and 20 for the bonus features. Highrollers would be mad about such stakes. Hope you will be as well! 

Are you into road trips, Route 66 romance, or just like high stakes? No need to pick your poison; now you can have it all in one awesome machine. Just take a few spins. One never knows where the road can take you. 


I will win and buy myself such a bus ! ;)
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