Warlords: Crystals of Power


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Spinfinity Gems: Fight for the Gambling Universe

Do you sometimes miss a good fight? At Warlords: Crystals of Power, you have a great chance of getting into a major battle. Face 3 mighty medieval warriors and let the fight begin. Don't worry, the prize will be great. It’s not only money or land. No, nothing that small. Here, you fight to rule the entire world. Let’s figure who you are going to fight this battle against.

The regular game mode of the slot is pretty standard for a 5-reeler with 30 lines: hit combos and accumulate wins. But keep in mind that all combos should begin on the 1st reel from the left, and they should comprise at least 3 icons of one type. The slot’s tiles are somewhat peculiar, though. First, there are 3 Stalked tiles. They occupy all 3 stops on the reel. Each icon features 1 of the 3 main characters of the game, and your rivals: Samurai, Priestess and Barbarian.

The Barbarian tile features a full-growth figure of a Barbarian against a dark-blue background. He is holding his hammer and is accompanied by a boar. It looks just as fierce as its master. The payouts for the Barbarian is 150x the coin value for five. Then there is the Priestess. 

A slender dark-haired woman in a green gown, armed with a sword and accompanied by a panther. The payouts for the combo with her are even higher, up to 200x the coin value for the set five. The last stalked icon is the Samurai. He is wearing red armor, armed with a sword and accompanied by a terrifyingly looking wolf. For five Samurais your payouts are 300x the coin value.

Apart from the stalked tiles, there are regular one-stop tiles as well. Six of those, to be precise. The Barbarian’s Helmet is worth 40x for five. The Priestess’ Mask are paid 50x the coin value for the set of five of one kind. And the Samurai’s Helmet is worth 60x the coin for five. The last three tiles are the pets of our characters: the Barbarian’s Boar is paid 75x the coin for the max combo, the Priestess’ Panther is paid 90x the coin for 5, and 5 Samurai’s Wolves are paid 120x the coin.

The bonuses are in abundance here. As well as the bonus tiles. Let’s start with the Wild. There are 3 Wild tiles in the slot.  As always, Wilds take place of any missing symbols. They never replace other scatters, though. Wilds come with payouts just like regular tiles. For instance, at Warlords, a combination of 5 Wilds comes with a 300x multiplier.

But Warlord’s Wild has more to it. It comes with a Random Overlay Wild game, which can be activated randomly after any spin. The reels for this bonus feature are different from the regular reels. Also, depending on the type of the game, the wilds are different too. 

The Hammer Wild is a huge 2x2 stops square wild used at the Barbarian Round. It hits the reels 1 through 4. The Sword Wild awards you with 2 to 5 wild symbols during the Samurai Round. It appears on every reel. The Arrow Wild is used during the Priestess Round, and it also awards you with minimum 2 and maximum 5 wilds on all the reels.

The Warlords slot also features a Scatter tile. Actually, 3 of those. All three scatters are flags in the colors of our warriors: blue, green and red. All scatters initiate the re-spin and the free spin games. Scatters hit the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels only.

If you hit 2 or more scatters at the main game mode, you will initiate a re-spin session. Re-spins start instantly if all the scatters are of one color. If not, they fight each other to figure out which type of re-spin game will be played. The result of the duel is random. During the re-spin, the Scatter tiles freeze while the reels spin.

To initiate the Free Spin round, you have to land at least 3 Scatters anywhere on the reels. So usually, Free Spin starts right after the Re-Spin, if 1 more scatter of the same kind is hit. If you didn’t have a 3rd scatter hit at the re-spins, the Final Chance option may help you. This feature is random: a single tile opens, revealing a missing Scatter or a bonus Coin worth 3-100x the coin hidden underneath it. If you get a coin, take your win and get back to the main mode. If there is a Scatter, the free game begins.

The Warlords slot offers 3 free spins. The Barbarian one is activated by the blue scatter, and it awards you with at least 9 spins. Samurai's Free Spins come with 5 spins. It is initiated by the red scatter tile. And the Priestess' Free Spins, initiated by the green tile, feature 7 spins.

Each Free Game is played on unique reels and feature only its unique scatter. Each scatter is loaded with special perks. At the Barbarian Free Round, the Scatter is the Barbarian’s Scatter, and it comes with an extra bonus perk: it adds 3 more spins if hit. At the Priestess’ Free Round, the Scatter is The Priestess’ green Scatter, and it raises the multiplier by 1 for each scatter hit. The Samurai’s Scatter is available at the Samurai Free Round. If hit, it turns into a Sticky Wild and freezes on 1 spot till the Free Spin round ends.

Betting at Warlords involves several steps. We’ll give you a quick overview to make it easier for you. The paylines are fixed, so you are free to change only the coin value. It varies from 0.01 to 1.00 credit. Apart from the coins value, you may activate any of the 10 betting levels. The payouts in our review are payouts for the first level. But if you choose any higher level, just multiply your wins by its number.

Do you like Hollywood blockbusters? Who doesn’t?! Now, thanks to NetEnt, you can become a part of one and join the major fight defining the fates of all mankind. Now, when you are aware of all the tricks and pitfalls, take your sword and let the fight begin!


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