Volts and Bolts


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Wins Ex machina

Volts and Bolts are for rational minds and great thinkers. No, we are just kidding. But spinning at a mad scientist’s lab? Who knows what experiments the brainy fella has conducted there? Nothing good, it’s a no-brainer. But doesn’t it give you an itch to take a peek inside, to see what’s going on behind those closed doors?

One thing is certain as hell at Volts and Bolts, it was designed by the masters. Sweet goodness, the graphics are flawless; the animation runs smoothly and the overall impression of the Volts and Bolts is that it’s not a slot whatsoever, it’s a cartoon in the best Pixar traditions.

Winning at Volts and Bolts is just like winning any other five-reeler. The main idea is to hit a winning combo on the payline of your choice. There are 50 lines, but they are all fixed so there is no way you can change their number, all you are allowed to adapt is the bet per line value. The combos start from at least three tiles of one kind. All combos have to start on the first reel. 

There are four low-hand card-borrowed tiles: Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces. They have identical payouts: the five of one kind are worth 50x the line wager, the four of a kind are paid 10x the bet and the three of one kind will be paid 5x the line bet. 

Five other tiles are unique for this slot. The Lab Book tile is paid 100x the line bet for five. The Wrench and the Voltmeter are both paid 150x the line stake for the set of five. A tile with a Brain is paid 200x for the five of a kind combo. And the last tile, the Volts and Bolts logo tile will be paid 250x the line wager. This symbol is unique because its minimal combo starts from only 2 tiles of one kind. Hit this duo and get your line wager doubled. 

The slot features three bonus tiles. First is the Wild. It’s a tile with a Battery and it appears on all the reels but the first one. As usual, the main function of the tile is to replace a missing symbol so a winning combination could be formed. 

The Mad Scientist himself is a Scatter. Hit three or more of those to activate the free spin session. You will get 12 games on the house, and they will come with a multiplier. If you hit three scatters, your total wager will be doubled. For the set of three, your original total wager will be multiplied 15 times. And if you hit five scatters, it will get your initial total bet multiplied 100 times. The feature can be re-triggered. 

There is also a unique bonus feature in this slot. It is called the Robo Bonus round. To activate the bonus, hit at least six Robot tiles anywhere on the reels. After the Robo-spins option gets activated. All the Robot tiles on the reels stay fixed for the five re-spins’ session. When you hit more Robot tiles during Robo-spins they stay fixed on the reels as well. If you will get all the reels’ stops covered with Robot tile, the session is over. 

The main goal is to land the Robot tiles on the adjacent reel stops. The more the better. After the session is over, the adjacent tiles are counted. Their number will determine the prize you get. If you have only one tile, your wager gets multiplied 1 time. For two or three adjacent tiles, the stake will be multiplied by two or three, respectively. 

For the four adjacent tiles, your wager will get multiplied 20 times. Six adjacent Robots will multiply your wager 40x. If you hit eight or nine adjacent tiles, it will multiply your total wager 80 or 100 times. Ten adjacent Robots will multiply your total wager 150 times. For 12 and 15 tiles, your wager will be multiplied 250 and 750 times. 

Or you may be granted one of the four Jackpots: the Mini Jackpot multiplies your total wager 20 times, Small — 100 times, Big — 2,000 times and Grand — 5,000 times. The best thing about the Robo Spins feature is that it can be activated during free spins, and vice versa: free spins can be triggered during the Robo-spins round. They will start after the Robo-spins will be over. 

The interface and the betting are extremely simple here. As you can’t fix the number of lines all you have left to do is to fix the total wager. Here it may go from 0.50 to 50.00 credits per spin. 

To choose the value, press the + and the - buttons at the bottom of the screen. Also, apart from the Spin button, here you may initiate an autospin session. The paytable is under the question mark sign, in case you have forgotten the payouts. So basically, there are just a couple of buttons for betting and that’s it. 

If you are into quality designed slots with top-tier graphics and animation that are fair and glitch-free, then check out Volts and Bolts. It’s a masterpiece for real connoisseurs. But what’s more, it’s hilarious. Sometimes we forget that spinning isn’t only about money, first and foremost it’s about fun. So enjoy every grin you make while spinning the slot.


A very cool game! Favorite slot
Date: 2021-02-15 03:11:27