Triple Diamond


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Three Diamonds a Crowd

Sometimes when we get tired of over-complicated slots with unusually high game pace, we come to the house just to relax, sip on some drink and enjoy simple games. Something simple and classic with a calm gameplay like a three-reeler. If you are feeling the same now and then, join us at spinning the Triple Diamond slot. It’s one of the best choices if you need to take a break and relax a bit. 

The slot was introduced by IGT, well-known for its expertise at classic slots. We must admit they deserve their reputation. Triple Diamond is simple and perfectly designed at the same time. The concept is pretty basic: three reels with 9 paylines. The paylines are not fixed, so you are free to choose how many you would like to bet on. 

Winning at any three-reeler is not rocket science: hit a combo that starts on the leftmost reel and that’s it. The tiles at Triple Diamond are pretty standard for the slot that takes after one-armed bandits. The Green Bar tile is worth 10x the bet for three. 

Three Purple Bars are paid 20x. The Yellow Bar combination of three of a kind is paid 40x the bet. The Red Seven tile is worth 100x for three. If you hit a combination of three different Bars on a line, the payout will be 5x the line bet.

For all the aforementioned tiles, the minimal combo is three of one kind on the line. But there is one more tile that forms combos with only 2 or even only 1 icon. It is the Triple Diamond Logo Tile. This tile is not only a paysymbol, it is also a Wild. It takes the place of any other tile if necessary. 

So if there are one or two Triple Diamond tiles on a line, they will match the rest of the tiles. Such combos are paid according to the paytable. Scatter payouts depend on the combo hit. If you land only one Triple Diamond on the line, the win will be tripled. If there are two Triple Diamonds on the winning line, the payout will be multiplied 9 times. 

But if you hit two Triple Diamonds and the blank tile, the payout will be 10x the line bet. If Triple Diamond is hit on the line, but there is no combo on it, the payout will be 2x the line bet. 

Betting at Triple Diamonds is not complicated. You have to choose the line or lines first. Use the number widgets at the bottom of the reelscreen. When a line gets activated, the number lights up on the sidebar of the reels. Then you make a bet. The line net may go from 25.00 to 500.00. So your total wager varies from 25.00 to 4,500.00. 

The user’s interface is pretty plain and straightforward. At the bottom of the screen there are widgets for betting, for total wager and the total line bet. Here is the button Spin and Autospin if you don’t feel like spinning manually. The Rules and Paytable buttons are at the top of the screen, along with the sound settings: right at hand when you need it. 

And that is pretty much it. There are no bonus features, no pick-me games, to free-spin’s abundance. The slot doesn’t look shiny or glittering. Its design is simple but solid. It looks like a cagey, shabby old-time regular at the house. He comes here often and everyone knows him, or at least about him. Bartenders know what he drinks and put his orders on the tab, no questions asked. 

Dealers greet him a bit more warm-heartedly than the house's code of behavior requires. That man feels at home and makes everyone around feel at home. That’s what the Triple Diamond slot is all about. About feeling at home. It has the air of a warm and cozy atmosphere about it, which everyone wants, looks for but so rarely finds. 

Don’t miss your chance to give in to its magic!


Three reel slots are no longer in vogue
Date: 2021-02-15 03:14:56