Sword of Destiny


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Written in the Stars!

Sword of Destiny is epic. Bally did a great job creating a slot that not only looks epic, but feels it. This feeling is in the graphics and perfect animation, it’s in the gameplay and the bonus perks, but what’s more, it’s in the wins.

Let’s start from the basics. The reel-screen looks highly unusual. In most slots, the reels take up almost the entire screen, but not here. At Sword of Destiny the lion’s share of the screen is taken up by the animated sword girls and men: hot, sassy and deadly! At first, it’s a bit uncomfortable to use, especially on the laptop, but you get used to it. The best way to play the slot is from your mobile, sure thing. Right below the girls or boys, there are the reels themselves. 

At Sword of Destiny, we get 5 reels and 25 fixed paylines. We can’t pick the number of lines and the base bet, but we can choose a multiplier. The multipliers vary from 1 to 900. Thus, the total bet may go from 0.40 to 360.00 per one spin. 

The regular gameplay is pretty standard: hit the combos on the lines and win. There are 8 tiles in the regular game mode. They are all themed and well-paid. The paytable is progressive, so we can’t give you any multipliers for the combos here. But if you bet the minimal bet of 0.40 your payouts for the Necklace and the Scroll will be 0.20 for 5 of one kind. Five Flasks or Gloves will be paid 0.40. 

A Castle is worth 0.60 if you hit five. The five Sword Ladies combo will be paid 1.00. The same number of Sword Man is paid 2.00. And finally, the most expensive tile of the slot is the Evil Knight. He is worth 5.00 for five. 

But the stunning part of the gameplay is yet to come. Here, at Sword of Destiny, there are so many bonus possibilities it’s absolutely astonishing. Let's start with the Wild. The Wild is the tile with a Handle of a Sword. On any spin, it may trigger one of the available four bonus features. 

The first is the Clumped Wilds. When the wilds get clumped, it means that from one to three reels will become stacked and filled with wilds, thus boosting your odds greatly. The second option is the Random Wilds. At the Random Wilds spin, several positions on the reels will be occupied by Wilds randomly. There may be from 4 to 9 stops occupied by the wild tiles. The third opportunity is the Picture Wild. At the Picture Wild mode, from 4 to 10 adjacent stops will turn into a wild. 

The last bonus option for the wild feature is the Symbol Upgrade. When activated, all the lowest paid tiles of the game: the Flask, the Scroll, the Necklace and the Glove will be replaced by more expensive ones. Count the odds yourself, they are fantastic. And we didn’t get to the best part yet. If the base game mode features 5 reels and 25 paylines, the Wild bonus game features 50 paylines. How come, you wonder! 

Thanks to the extra rows added to the reel-screen. Instead of playing on 5 reels with three stops each, you will spin 5 reels with 5 stops each. Now recount the odds! Sweet, ain't it!? 

Another bonus perk is the Free Spins’ Mode. To activate free spins, hit three XZOne Scatters anywhere on the reels. Remember, though, this tile appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 only. When hit, the free spin mode is activated and you may enjoy 8 spins on the house with 2x multiplier applied to the total bet. But there is more, each XZone scatter you hit while free-spinning will award you with one more free game. 

The doubling multiplier is not the only one available, each free spin may feature any multiplier from 2x to 10x. They are random and change after every spin. They also apply to the line pays only. The Free Spins are played on the separate reel-set, it features no bonus tile and the wild icon stops appearing on the first reel. 

And finally, the best bonus perk of Sword of Destiny, the Temple Tower Jackpot feature. It’s an interactive bonus pick-me game activated by three bonus tiles hit at one spin. The bonus tile looks like a coin, and it appears on the odd reels only. The bonus game is simple. The main goal is to climb up a staircase before you. To determine how many steps you can make, you need to pick a coin. There are four sets of five coins each. You get to take three picks. 

The number of steps is determined by the coin with the highest value. There might be from one to six steps per coin. After you have made your picks and steps, you are given a corresponding prize. Each step has a cash prize, each from 1x to 10x the total bet, and three jackpots, 25x, 125x and 625x total bet each. After the feature is over, you return to the main game mode. 

Sounds pretty cool, right? If you are into slots with elaborate gameplays and animation so perfect one can take them some new Pixar, then Sword of Destiny is the right slot for you. Frankly, it’s right for everyone, as we come to gamble and to win, rather than to enjoy the elaborate graphics. Here, you can certainly get both. Enjoy!


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