Swipe and Roll


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Shake It Up, Baby! Swipe and Roll! 

Feeling retro? Happens sometimes. Today we are in the mood for the 50s. And the best thing about modern casinos is that one can find a slot for every mood there. There are plenty, just pick one! Or two! So how about a lunch at an old-fashioned diner? 

We happen to know one by NetEnt. A perfect place with marvelous milkshakes and wins! So let's spin Swipe and Roll.

The slot is a 5-reeler with twenty lines. All its paylines are fixed. Common to NetEnt, actually. But if you can't change the number of lines, it doesn't mean you can't adjust the wager. 

There is always a coin value adjustment, and NetEnt offers to change the betting level. Coins are worth from 0.01 to 0.50. And there are ten bet levels. Thus, the total wager may go from $0.20 to $100 in no time. Looks like a perfect range to us. It suits any punter.

The main goal of the game is to land a combo of identical paysymbols on a line and get paid. That is pretty much it! Doubt you have seen an easier gameplay as this one! The tiles are partially card-borrowed. So we have Queens, Kings and Aces, and they are rather low paid. 

Five Queens are paid 20x, five Kings are worth 25x, and the same number of Aces will be worth 30x. The rest of the tiles are themed. They feature the fruit: Plums, Oranges and Watermelons. 

Five Plums are worth 80x, the same number of Oranges is worth 150x, and five Watermelons are worth 300x. Every combination has to start on the 1st reel and comprise at least three tiles.

Slot’s gameplay is basic, but we haven't mentioned the perks yet. Let’s start with the wild. Or should we say wilds, as there are two wild tiles available. The first wild is a tile with a Diamond. Another wild is the Diamond with 3x multiplier. Both wilds appear on the reels at any game mode. 

But if the regular wild may hit any reel, the 3x Wild hits only the second, third and fourth reels. As substitutes the wilds take place of any other tile but the scatter. If you hit a x3 wild in a winning combo, its payout is tripled. 

If a winning combo has several 3x wilds, then the win is tripled not once but twice or even 3 times. The multiplier for a combo is 27x tops. What's more, the 3-wild combo initiates re-spins. For re-spins, the wilds hold their places while the rest of the reels spin.

One more perk here is the bonus. It's played on the Bonus Wheel. The feature is triggered randomly. Bonus Wheel appears over the reels while they spin. Your prize is highlighted. The wheel has 3 prize options: a coin, a scatter, and an arrow. 

Hit a coin and get a corresponding win on your account. Hit the Scatter to initiate the bonus feature. And if you hit an arrow, the winning area will get one stop bigger. It may be one stop in any direction, depending on the direction of the arrow. 

When the winning area is determined, all coin wins inside the area will be added to your account. If your total win is less than 5x the spin bet, then the feature will re-trigger. You may win up to 1080 coins during the bonus mode. Coins are multiplied by the first level multipliers.

The game's scatter is a Bell. Hitting 3 Bells initiates the bonus round. Don't forget, Scatters land on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reels exclusively. The bonus game is played on the Bonus Wheel with 3 reels filled with coins and arrows. 

You need to scroll one reel after the other to pick your prize. Arrows enlarge the highlighted area. It may be 5 rows and 2 stops in both directions tops. The winnings are calculated once the area has stopped expanding. Basically, you win all the coin winnings within the highlighted area. 

You may win from 60 to 4320 coins for a bonus prize. These wins are multiplied by the triggering bet level.

In the mood for a simple and entertaining game? Then Swipe and Roll is up your alley 100%. Its gamemode is simple, there are only 6 tiles, after all! The bonus features are quite elaborate but intuitive: scroll, expand, and adjust. It doesn’t require much thinking but still is fun and profitable. Can a game get better than this!?


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Date: 2021-02-15 03:13:50