Steam Tower


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Let It Burn!

Let’s check how many steampunk fans are out there! Don’t know what steampunk is? Well, log in and look for the Steam Tower by NetEnt, it will give you a pretty good idea of this Victorian style science fiction extravaganza.

The slot features the standard NetEnt layout and betting scheme. Steam Tower has 15 lines, as they are fixed there is no way of changing their number. But NetEnt came up with another way to spice the betting up. As they already had coins, they decided to add the levels. 

So to make a bet you have to choose the coin value, which may be from 0.01 to 1.00 per one. And then, you pick a betting level. There are 10 levels. The first level allows you to wager 15 coins per spin, the tenth level’s wager is 150. Thus, the minimal bet per spin may go from $0.15 to $150.00. 

The main goal of this slot is to hit a winning combination of tiles on a line and win some solid cash for that. A combo may win if it comprises at least three tiles of one kind and starts on the first reel from the left. The paysymbols here are partially card-borrowed. We have four traditional tiles: jack, queen, king and ace. Five Jacks are paid 50x, the same number of Queens is paid 75x. The Kings are worth 100x for five. And five Aces will be paid 150x. 

The themed tiles worth more. Five Steam Towers are paid 300x. A Steampunk Lady is worth 500x for five. The Steampunk Gentleman is paid 1,000 for the same amount of tiles. And the most expensive tile of the slot is the one with a Red Dragon’s Eye. Five of those will be credited 2,000x. 

So far the slot seems pretty ordinary and you might wonder what is the steam tower all about? Where is the tower itself? The tower is part of the gameplay. When you hit the free spins’ mode, your journey up the tower begins. To activate the free games, land the stacked wild tile featuring our gorgeous Steampunk Gentleman. You will be awarded with 10 spins on the house, and the game will ascent to the first level of the Steam Tower. 

The higher the floor of the tower the bigger is the multiplier applied to you free spin wins. On the floors from the first to the third, the wins are doubled thanks to the 2x multiplier. Wins made on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors are tripled. Floors 7 - 9 come with a 4x multiplier. On the 10th - 12th floors the wins are multiplied by 5. 

The multiplies is 6x on the floors 13 through 15. The last floor, the 16, features the 7x multiplier applied to all the wins as well as the 1,000 coin prize. By the way, it is also multiplied by the floor’s multiplier. After the free games are over, you will return to the main game mode.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to memorize what floor you are on. There are three handy meters, that will keep track of your progress. First, the floor meter. It will always show what floor you are currently on. The multiplier meter is the second meter to pay attention to. 

There you will find the exact information on the size of the current multiplier. The last meter is the tower meter, that indicated both your floor and the multiplier. All the meters look really hardcore steampunk-ish. The overall design gets our thumbs up!

If you hit the Wild tile once more while free spinning, the free spins will increase by two. It doesn’t have to be the stacked wild that occupies the entire reel, this time it will be the other wild. It’s an icon with a Tool and it appears in the free game’s mode as well as in the regular game. Not only in increases the number of free spins, it also allows you to ascend to the next floor. And we all know by now, the higher the better. 

Steam Tower is impressive. Its graphics are awesome, the animation is smooth and works perfectly fine. But the best perk is its free spins’ round full of multipliers and cash. So it doesn’t only look good, it’s hot. We don't know many steampunk slots that are so scalding. Do you?


The slot machine has a cool plot
Date: 2021-02-15 03:14:21