Snack Time


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Overload Your Win Cravings!

Is there a better place to grab a bite than a good-old vending machine? Yeah, we all know it’s junk food? But there is nothing better than buying something too salty, too sugary, or filled with too much food coloring and eating it right on the go. Now you may enjoy having a vending machine to yourself as there is a Section 8’s slot Snack Time. Log in and buy all you want, we won’t question your diet choices! 

Snack Time is incredible. Its design is fantastic: detailed background and perfectly done tiles with the awesome animation on top of these. Spinning Snack Time is like being inside a Pixar cartoon. But what makes it even cooler is its gameplay. 

The slot has no lines and thus no standard combos. Instead, they offer you to win, hitting one of five available combinations of tiles. If you played Tetris as a child, you would recognize them in a jiff. There are five basic shapes: j-tetromino, i-tetromino, t-tetromino, s-tetromino and the last block we don’t remember from Tetris that looks like a tilted cross. We decided to call it the X-Block. 

There are a bunch of tiles. As always, some of them are lower paid, and some are a bit hotter. The lower-paid tiles are four icons with chips and suchlike junk. The L-block combo with any of those will be worth 1x the total bet. T-block gets your total wager doubled. I-block shape triples the total wager. S-block comes with a 4x multiplier applied to the total spin bet. And the most expensive shape is that weird-looking cross, the X-Block. Hit it to multiply your total wager 10 times. 

Sodas are more expensive. L-block of any sodas is paid double the total wager. To triple the wager, you need to hit a T-block. I-block comes with a 4x multiplier. When you hit an S-block full of soda cans, then your total wager will be multiplied 10 times. And for the X-Block you will have your spin wager multiplied 200 times. 

The most expensive tile of the slot is the lollipop. Hit an L and get your wager tripled. For a T, your total bet will be multiplied 4 times. An I-block is worth 10x the total wager. Hit an S-block to get paid 15x the spin bet. The X-block will be worth 500x. 

If you hit several blocks in one spin, you will get a re-spin. For two blocks, you will get one re-spin. If you hit three blocks at once, then there will be two re-spins. In case you get lucky to hit three blocks in a spin, then you will get three re-spins free of charge. 

Another neat bonus feature the slot offers is the Pick-Me one. It’s activated when you hit two Pick-Me tiles on the first and the last reels in one spin. This tile is red and really stands out against the rest of the paysymbols, so it’s hard to miss. After the feature is triggered, you have to pick one of the options offered to you. Underneath each icon hides a bonus multiplier for the total spin bet. 

But there is one thing everyone’s crazy about at Snack Time. We are talking about its progressive jackpots. Yes, you heard us right, there are two: delicious and yummy. Both are awarded randomly, but the size of your bet determines your chances to win the prize or the prizes.

Betting at Snack Time is as simple as it may be. As there are no lines, there are no line bets, so all you can fix is the total spin bet. It may go from 0.25 to 500.00. That range certainly suits every player. Even highrollers would be satisfied with it! The betting buttons are there on the control panel. 

But it’s not at the bottom of the screen, remember, it’s a vending machine. So look for the control knobs to the right of the reels. Apart from the knobs for fixing the bet size, there are also several Autospin buttons. You may activate the auto mode for 10, 25, 50 or 75 spins just pressing one button. 

Snack Time is definitely a must. Its gameplay is very unusual. If you have never tried it, you definitely should give it a go. The wins are considerable and the bonus features are easy to trigger. Eating some junk food has never been so much fun! 


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