Prosperity Twin


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Eights are the new Sevens! 

NextGen certainly knows how to attract attention. And not only attention of the gamblers from Asia. Its Prosperity Twin is an eye candy. The background of the slot is in juicy, vibrant colors and represents some divine scenery. It looks like heaven on earth or the garden of Eden, if the Chinese believe in Eden, of course. 

A lake surrounded by the mountains full of crystal clear blue water. The waterfalls pouring from the mountains into the lake, and the lotuses dancing on the surface of the water. Sounds fantastic, right? Wait until you see it live. Very impressive. 

But that’s enough about the looks. Who judges the book by its cover and the slot by its design? We certainly don’t. So let’s look deeper. Prosperity Twin by NextGen is a five reel slot. Which is pretty standard, if you know what we mean? But unlike zillions of five-reelers, Prosperity Twin has more to it. 

It comes without any standard paylines. Remember what that means? Right. Instead of 5, 10, 25, 50 lines to win on, you may hit a win in any of the 243 possible ways. For the tiles to become a winning combo all you need is to land them on adjacent reels. And that’s it! The combo is ready. 

But where does the combo start? Usually, 243-ways-to-win slots’ combos start on the leftmost reel only. But Prosperity Twin thinks otherwise and offers you a possibility to win both ways. There is a special button right next to the spin knob, hit it, and pick the winning mode that suits you the best. 

There is a rub, though. If you choose the standard winning mode, you will play 28 coins per 243 lines. But if you pick the both-ways-win mode, then you will be playing with 50 coins. Thus, depending on the winning mode, your combos have to start either on the far left reel or on the far right one. 

As for the tiles, they match the main theme of the game. They are all Chinese symbols or some objects representing this country’s culture. All the tiles but the least paid four. Those are the card suits. The combination of either of those will be paid 38x the bet for five. The Golden Carp is paid 68x for five. So does the Jade trinket. 

Five Abaci are worth 88x. The Golden Crowns and the Pots of Gold are worth 188x the bet for five of one kind. The Sailing Ship will be paid 288x the bet for five. It is the last regular tile of the game, and it is paid the most. By the way, check out the payouts. They all end with an eight. One more sign of appreciation towards the Chinese beliefs. Eight is a lucky number. Here, at Prosperity Twin, all the wins are lucky! 

All the regular tiles play by the rules, remember! They have to form combos starting on the leftmost or the rightmost reels. There have to be at least three of them in a combo to get paid. All the wins are multiplied by the bet. But every slot has some tiles that don't play by the standard rules. At Prosperity Twin, those are the Scatter and the Wild. 

The Scatter tile is an icon with у Chinese Hieroglyph against the red background. It is also multiplied by the bet, but unlike the rest of the tiles, it is paid any way regardless of the mode you have picked. The minimal combination of Scatters is three of a kind, it is worth 28x the bet. The max combo is five and it will be paid 288x the bet. But the best thing about Scatters is that they initiate the free games’ mode. Hit three of a kind and get 8 spins. 

For four Scatter tiles you will get 18 free spins. And a five-tile combo of Scatters is rewarded with 28 games on the house. The free games are played at the bet of the triggering spin. The feature can be re-triggered with just two Scatters. Hit those, and you will get either 2, or 6 or 8 extra spins. The number is determined randomly. 

As for the Wild, it is a tile with Golden Coins, a well-known Chinese luck and prosperity juju. As usual, the Wild is a replacement tile. If you hit it, it will take the place of any other tile you miss in a combination. The Wild comes with a multiplier. All wins with a wild are multiplied by 2 or by 8. 

We gamblers tend to be so incredibly superstitious. And the country of origin, probably, has nothing to do with it. Want to keep safe from any jinx? Want everything to break your way always? Then play it safe, meaning, play it at Prosperity Twin. Think superstitions are for fools!? Still play at Prosperity Twins. Why? First, you never know. Second, c’mon, how can you miss a chance to win on 243 lines both ways!


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Date: 2021-02-15 03:12:15