Piggy Riches


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The Oink Full of Money! 

Care to join some super gross rich crowd? Well, who doesn’t? So please welcome to the Piggy Riches. It’s where the richest of the rich spend their time. Hope you don’t mind that all of them are pigs? Why not make self-mockery any gambler’s strong suit? So is there anything but a bunch of pigs and a share of jeer the slot has to offer?

When it comes to design, Piggy Riches is quite straightforward. When they say riches that mean riches. Like, literally! Here, you will find yourself surrounded but plenty of diamonds, gold and piles of cash. No joking! After all, you are having banknotes, piggy banks and gold credit cards for the paysymbols. 

Even the playlines’ numbers are presented with a bundle of banknotes as a background. The soundtrack is extremely enjoyable too; it reminds of an ambient music track. Some listen to whales’ songs, others to tropical rain sounds, we at Piggy Riches enjoy the sounds of pouring champagne and clinking of glasses and plates. 

Gameplay wise Piggy Riches are pretty standard. Standard in a good way, don’t get us wrong. The slot features 5 reels and three standard rows. There are fifteen lines. They are fixed, so no adjustments here. Though you are free to toy with the betting levels and coin values to adjust the total spin stake. 

To make a bet, first decide on the values of a coin. Those may be from 0.01 to 2.00 for one. Then pick the betting level you are comfortable with. Betting level determines the number of coins you are going to stake per line. On the first level, you bet only 15 coins, thus, one per line. On the second level, the number of coins gets doubled, so you are betting two coins per line. 

There are ten possible betting levels, the tenth is when you bet ten coins per line and thus 150 per spin. Considering all the above, the max bet per spin may be 300.00 and the smallest possible bet for one spin is 0.15. 

Thanks to the standard gameplay, the winning drill at Piggy Riches is not different from any other slot. You make a bet, lend a combo on the line and get paid. That’s about it. All combos have to start on the far left reel. There are supposed to be at least three identical tiles in the combo to count. There are ten tiles in the game. 

Half of them are card-borrowed. And the rest are unique and have been designed to fit the slot’s theme. The low-hand card tiles are regular 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces. Five 10s are paid 50x. The same number of Jacks is paid 60x. Five Queens are worth 75x. The max combo of Kings is paid 100x. And finally, the five Aces combo is worth 125x. As for the themed tiles, the cheapest one is the Piggy Bank, which is paid 200x for five. 

A Wallet full of cash is worth 400x for the max combo. Five Keys are paid 750x. And the max combo of Gold Credit Cards is worth 1,000x. The last tile of the paytable is a bit unusual. Its min combo is only two of a kind and it is paid 5x. The max is, as usual, five of a kind and it’s paid 2,000x. So watch out for that tile. 

It’s the one with a Sack full of gold on it. As you can see the regular gameplay payouts are quite generous. The slot is a high-volatility machine with easy-to-hit wins. And it is hot not only at high bets, but you tend to win often and a lot on the lower bets as well. Which is really great. 

As for the bonus features, no slot can do without them. So does Piggy Riches. Here you may enjoy the Wild. Which is a substitute that takes the place of any tile, thus forming a winning combination. The only symbol it can’t replace is the Scatter. Any combo with a Wild pays 3x the regular payout. The Wild is a tile with a Gentleman Piggy with a cane and a bundle of cash. 

As for the aforementioned Scatter, it is a tile with a Lady Piggy wearing plenty of jewelry and holding a present. Scatter may act as a regular paytile. It forms combos from two to five symbols on a line and you get paid for hitting it. Unlike other tiles, Scatter wins are multiplied by the total spin bet and not by the line one. 

For the set of five, you get your total wager multiplied 100x. Even if you hit only two Scatters, the total bet will be doubled. Hitting at least three Scatters awards you with free games. There may be up to 28 free games in a session. Each Scatter hit during the free games, adds one more free game to the session. Free games also come with multipliers for the winnings. They are random and the tops is 6x. 

Ready to join the Piggy Riches’ Club? There is no need to put on the Ritz, any sweatpants will do. Go to an online house, bet, spin, enjoy all the perks the high-volatility game can offer and win big. Hope your piggy bank is big enough for all the goodies, though! 


I play at high stakes. There is a rule in the casino - the more you bet, the more you win!
Date: 2021-02-15 03:12:52