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Pandas Breaking Free!

Pandas are not only sweet and adorable. They are wild animals, and they retain their innate desire to stay wild and free. Probably this desire for freedom inspired NextGen, and the Pandamania slot was born. 

The main theme of the slot is a visit to the theme-park with a zoo. Some enjoyable pastime, if you ask us. You can do anything you want there: taking a stroll, grabbing a nice snack, watching the animals and eating plenty of cotton candy. Nothing’s better. Was. Until pandas decided to follow Freddie Mercury’s example and break free. Remember, those are free-spirited animals and no cage can stop their quest for freedom. 

As the design of the slot is inspired by the theme park weekend, it is filled with all types of paraphernalia usually associated with it. Tiles are great examples, for instance. In fact, there are two types of playsymbols in the slot, each designed to suit the theme. 

The low-hand tiles with card symbols are paid less. There are six of them in the slot. 9s and 10s are paid 100x for five. So do Queens and Jacks. Five Aces and Kings are worth 150x for the set of five. Then there are high-hand symbols. They are themed and feature objects you can usually find in a theme park. The tile with Sweets and a Vendor’s Trolley are paid 150x for the set of five of one kind. 

Zoo Tickets are worth 250x for five. And finally, five Zookeepers are worth 500x for five. All tiles form the minimal combination of three tiles and the maximum of five, but the Zookeeper and the Ticket tiles. They have a minimal combo of just two tiles of one kind. The payouts for those tiny combos are rather modest: two Zookeepers triple the bet and two Tickets double it. 

The gameplay of the slot is relatively standard. It features five reels and three rows. There are 25 paylines, and you can actually choose as many of them as you like. The minimal bet per line is 0.01, and the tops is 20.00. Thus, the total bet may go from 0.25 to 500.00. Looks pretty solid to us! 

To win, hit the combo on a line and get some cash for it. But don’t forget that all combinations have to start on the first reel only. This doesn’t apply to scatter combos, though, they are paid either way. To figure out how many, check the paytable and then multiply the corresponding multiplier by the line stake. If you hit several winning combinations in one spin, then sum the winnings for each combo up. 

Apart from the regular tiles, there are two bonus ones. The Scatter of the slot is an icon with the game’s logo. It may form combinations from 2 to 5 tiles long and pays any way. The payout for the minimal combo is just 1x, but the max combo pays 100x. And unlike the rest of the tiles, the scatter wins are multiplied by the total spin bet. 

But that’s not all about the Scatters, their main perk is that they initiate free games. To activate the free spins’ mode, hit at least three Scatters on the reels. You will be awarded with 10 spins on the house at the line stake of the triggering spin. The feature may be re-triggered. During free games, all the wins are doubled. 

As for the Wild, it is a tile with a Panda. The Wild is a substitute, and it also forms combos. Its two-tiles combo is paid 10x, the five-tiles combo is paid 3,000x. As a substitute, Panda tile takes the place of any other tile missing from a combo except for the Scatter. The Panda Wilds come with an awesome perk called the Panda Escape Bonus. At any spin an escaped Panda may appear on the reels, turning any tile or tiles into wilds. 

There is one more bonus feature at Pandamania you will definitely enjoy a great deal. It’s a Pick me feature. To trigger this option, hit three Pick-Me tiles anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4. They may be placed anywhere on the reels. Pick me is exactly what it is called, it’s a pick-me feature that allows you to win some cash. 

There are three possible winning options at pick-me game: cash, cash plus one more pick and win all cash prizes, all three of them to be precise. Cash prizes are added to your regular wins. The feature is random and has no connection to the bet size or the number of activated lines. 

Pandamania is a slot with classic gameplay. We tend to think that classic means bad. But is it? Not really! Classic doesn’t mean boring, classic means you know what to expect from it. That is what Pandamania is all about: its bonus features are well known, wins are easy to calculate, and the overall design is light and enjoyable. At Pandamania they take it easy! 


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