Mythic Maiden


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Mythic Maiden: Brace Yourself for the Wins to Come

Think you have seen it all and no slot can possibly surprise you? Well, welcome to the Netent’s curiosity shop. It’s full of weird, mysterious artifacts, most of which look nothing but scary to us. 

The layout is the good-old 5x3 grid. As for the paylines, we have thirty of those, all fixed. To adjust the spin bet, instead of changing the number of reels, Netent offers you a more sophisticated procedure. First, you pick the coin value. Those go from 0.01 to 0.50. We personally consider this range rather moderate, but everything is up to you. Then you need to pick the betting level. There are ten levels available. 

On the first one you bet 30 coins, meaning you bet one coin per line. On the second level, you bet 60 coins. Obviously, at the tenth level you will bet 300 coins per spin. In cash, it means you may bet up to 150.00 per one spin. This is at the tenth level with the max coin value. The minimal spin wager is 0.30. The numbers are rather modest. Probably not every highroller would be satisfied with them. But if you don't mind lower wagers or just interested in the gameplay, join the Mythic Maiden fans. 

As for gameplay, it is rather standard here. After you have set the bet, spin the reels and wait for the outcome. The goal is to hit a combination of identical paysymbols on the lines or on several lines if you get lucky. Combinations have to comprise from three to five tiles of one kind. Three is the minimal amount of tiles. But the more tiles, the higher the payout will be. 

The lower-paid tiles are symbols borrowed from cards. We rarely pay attention to the designs of such icons, mainly because it is rarely original. Here, it is fantastic: the good-old card symbols are made of melted candles. Some very impressive decision! The maximum combination of 10s is paid 70x. Jacks are worth 80x for five. For the same number of Queens, you will be paid 80x. Five Kings are worth 100x. And the max Aces combo is paid 125x. 

There are five more tiles that have nothing to do with cards, but definitely have something to do with dark secrets of this weird shop or attic. First, there is a Chest worth 150x for five. We bet it has something scary hidden inside. The Spider is paid 20x for five. Spiders are creepy, but this one is not just some spider, it’s a Black Widow one. 

The Book would have looked rather harmless, but there are bodiless hands holding it ready to open the darn book at any moment. Not sure anyone would like to know what’s inside. Five Books are paid 500x. The Skull is spooky enough on its own, so there is no need to attack any bodiless limbs to it. The best about the Skull is its payout. It’s worth 1,000x for the set of five.

The last icon of the slot is the Mummified Head. The poor chap, probably, used to be an Aborigine of some sort. This tile is unique thanks to two peculiarities. First, its minimal combo is two of one kind, not three like for the rest of the tiles. Second, the payout for the five of one kind combo is 2,000x. 

The regular gameplay is as classic as it may possibly be, so let’s take a look at the bonus features this spooky slot has to offer. There is a substitute feature, otherwise known as the Wild. It is an icon with a Full Moon that turns into a Skull. The Wild may take the place of any other tile to form a combination. It can’t replace the Scatter only. The line wins with a Wild come with a tripling multiplier. 

The Scatter of the slot is a tile with two lights: one Blue and one Red. They go in circles, chasing one another. If you hit at least three of those anywhere on the reels, the free games round will begin. For three tiles you will get 10 spins on the house. For the four there will be 15 spins to play for free. And the max combination of five tiles will award you with 30 spins. 

The free spin round is cool as it is, but it comes with more extras to enjoy. The Iron Maiden feature may skyrocket your winnings in no time. How does this work? During the free games, the Iron Maiden, which stands to the right of the reels, opens and awards you with multipliers to the free games wins randomly. Those may go from 2x to 10x. Also, the Iron Maiden adds some extra free spins to your session. The maximum here is +2. 

Now you see, though the regular gameplay bets are rather modest, there are many possibilities to win at the Mythic Maiden slot. The bonus features are easily triggerable. There are plenty of multipliers and small trifle bonuses to expect. And on top of it all, the slot’s design is fantastic. The tiles, the reels and the animation are perfect and fit the main theme of the slot brilliantly.  So the Mythic Maiden is not all about the wins, it's a sight for sore eyes. Enjoy every spin!


I love slots about magic! Maybe luck will bring me a big win?
Date: 2021-02-15 03:14:30