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Even Better Way to Ruin Friendship

Enjoy playing Monopoly and spinning slots? Having a hard time to pick what to do tonight? Now you don't have to choose anymore, as there are Monopoly Money in Hand slot. Spin it, and enjoy both the Monopoly themed gameplay, and the real big-time spin wins. Actually, this slot has one of the highest RTPs we have met and one of the most complex gameplays ever. But, first things first. 

The layout of the slot is very standard: five reels, three rows and ten fixed lines. The design is not really impressive: the tiles are filled with Monopoly-themed figurines and other paraphernalia. The background is just plain gray felt. The betting is also rather simple. 

There is just one button for fixing the wager size. It may go from 0.10 to 500.00 per spin. It’s some fantastic range, if you ask us. Any player will be able to play the slot, it suits any bankroll, literally. 

Regular game mode is simple. To win, you hit the combo of identical tiles that starts on the far left reel. Or you hit several of those. The minimal combination is three of one kind for all tiles but one. The max combo is five tiles. The paytable for the slot is progressive, so we can’t really name the multipliers. 

So we will name the payouts for the smallest bet of 0.10. The lowest-paid tiles are card-borrowed ones. There are five of those. From 10 to Ace. All tiles are paid the same. And the max combination of five of one kind will be worth 1.00 at the minimal stake. Then, there are three tiles with stacks of Cash. They are also paid the same. 

The payout for the max combo will be 2.00 if you stake the minimal 0.10. Don’t pay attention to the multipliers on the Cash tiles just yet. We’ll get back to those, but for now, they are not active during the base game. Also, there are tiles with golden figurines. The Cat and the Dog are paid the same. For the set of five you will get 5.00 at the minimal spin stake. The figurine Top Hat tile is paid more, the 10.00 payout for the set of five at the same stake. 

The highest-paid icon of the slot is the Logo. It stands out against the rest of the tiles, first, thanks to the payouts. It is paid 20.00 for the max combo at the minimal spin bet. And then, its minimal combo is two of one kind only. The rest of the tiles form combos, starting from three tiles at least. 

The most peculiar part of the gameplay is its bonus mode. Or shall we say bonus modes? There are so many perks, it’s hard to keep track of them. Let’s start with the Scatter. It’s a tile with the Monopoly’s GO game box. If you hit three of those, you will get 10 spins on the house. For the set of four, you will receive fifteen free spins. 

Five Scatters will award you with twenty free games. But before the free spins’ session starts, a player is given a chance to gamble or to take the number of spins given. To accept the number of spins you have got, press the Collect button. To test your luck, press the Gamble button and see how many spins you might get. 

You may gamble as long as you want, the number of tries is not limited. But remember, the max spins you may get is 25 at the regular game mode, of course. Free games are played at the payouts and at the bet of the triggering spin. 

As for the Wild, it behaves very strangely here. It appears only at the free spins’ mode. The Wild tile features Mr. Monopoly himself. The Wild is a substitute, as always. If you hit several Wilds is one spin, they come with extra perks as they form paid combos. 

The minimal combination а two Wilds is paid 0.10 at the minimal spin bet. The max combo will be paid 25.00 under the same conditions. Also, during the free games’ mode, all the multipliers on the Cash tiles become active and Mr. Monopoly collects those that are in view. 

So if there are three Cash tiles on the reels, each with a multiplier of 10x the total spin bet, the Wild will have a multiplier of thirty. During the Big Bet mode, all the multipliers are of 2.00. 

Several times we have mentioned this regular game mode. But is there an irregular one? There sure is. And it’s fantastic. If you look at the bottom of the screen at the control panel, you will see a mysterious BB button. BB stands for the Big Bet Game. Basically, it is a special bonus mode you may choose. 

There are four Big Bet Games available. Big Bet 20 costs 20.00 and comes with a perk: all the Scatter tiles will act as Wilds, thus they replace missing tiles. But what’s more, they are persistent, as they put it in Monopoly, which merely means that when hit they stay fixed on the reels. Regular Scatters also stay fixed, by the way. 

Big Bet 30 comes with the same perks as the previous feature, plus the re-spins and the card bonus. Re-spin feature means that if you hit two scatters, then the reels re-spin for free in hope to get the third Scatter. If so, you will get free spins. What is the Chance Card bonus? It’s basically a picking feature. 

At the end of free spins, you will get to choose one out of eight cards before you. You may get more spins, cash payouts, or you may hit an empty card which ends the free spins’ session. This Big Bet costs 30.00. 

Big Bet 40 has all the perks we have already mentioned, plus a House Extension feature. It means that your reel grid will get an extra row above. Thus, you will be playing on the 5x4 grid. This extra row will be available throughout the regular game and during the free spins’ mode. If a Scatter lands on the extra row, it stays fixed. That’s for the regular game mode. At the free spins’ game, Mr. Monopoly symbol as well as multipliers that land on the extra row will pay. Big Bet 40 costs 40.00.  

Big Bet 50 is worth 50.00 and comes with all the perks the previous features had, but instead of the House Extension it offers the Hotel Extension. The Hotel Extension is even cooler than the House one, obviously, as there are not one but two extra rows added. The rules regarding payouts and fixed symbols are the same as for the House Extension. 

But the best thing about the Big Bet Game is that it has its own paytable. And the payouts there are higher than at the regular mode. At the minimal spin stake, the five of a kind combo of Card tiles will be paid 20.00, Cash tiles are paid 40.00, Cat and Dog figurines are worth 100.00, the Top Hat is paid 200.00 and the Logo is worth 400.00. That’s where the 97% RPT comes from, you see! 

So ready or not, Monopoly is coming your way as a slot game. Play small or play big, but stay away from Mediterranean Avenue. Good luck! 


Thank you for giving the opportunity to play for free!
Date: 2021-02-15 03:12:01