Miss Midas


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The Golden Touch’s A Charm

Geez, ain’t it hot at the NextGen’s Miss Midas slot?! Just looking at it gives you some truly vibrant emotions. The colors are vivid and rich, the atmosphere is festive and full of excitement, and Miss Midas herself is so sultry it’s indecent. Is she a relation of the well-known King Midas? Not sure about that, but the fact is she turns everything she touches into gold. 

Let’s start from the basics. Miss Midas is a five-reel slot with 25 fixed paylines. Fixed paylines mean you can’t choose the number of lines to bet on. But you are free to change the wager. You may bet from 0.01 to 20.00 per line. So your total spin bet may go from as little as 0.25 to some solid 500.00. Pretty legit for any kind of bankroll, don’t you think so? 

Winning here at Miss Midas is pretty much like anywhere else. The goal is to hit a winning combo on one of the paylines. Each win is rewarded according to the paytable: just multiply the stake per line by the multiplier that comes with the combo you have hit. 

All combinations are paid left to right only, so make sure yours starts on the first reel. If you hit more than one combination at one spin, then your line wins will be summed up and added onto your account. That’s how it goes for the combos of standard paysymbols.

First, let’s figure them out! There are ten regular tiles at Miss Midas. Five of those are low-hand tiles that come with moderate multipliers. All the low-hand tiles are taken from the cards, thus there are the 9s, the 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces. 

Combinations usually start from as little as three tiles. And the maximum combo for all the tiles is the set of five. For the max combo of the 9s and the 10s, you get your line bet multiplied by 50. Five Jacks and Queens are worth 75 times the line wager. Aces and Kings, in the same combo of five of a kind, will be worth 100 times your original line wager. 

The rest of the tiles have been designed specifically for this slot, and they are paid much more generously. So let us call them the high-hand tiles. The red rose and the bowl with fruit are both paid 150x the bet for the set of five. Then, there is an icon with a chair or a throne. It’s paid 300 times the line wager for five. A round tile with a peacock is paid 400 times the bet for the max combination of five. 

But apart from the regular tiles there are some bonus tiles or scatters. They are loaded with possibilities and money. Some scatters are paid not in one direction starting from the first reel, but in any direction. Also, scatter wins are usually added to regular ones. Let’s figure them out, shall we?

First, the Wild. Miss Midas herself is on the wild tile. It is first and foremost the replacement icon. It may take the place of any tile except for other scatter. Here at Miss Midas, the Wild is also a substitute, but it appears only on the middle reel. 

The wild, apart from being a replacement tile, may act as a regular tile as well. So it may form combos, and you may get paid for hitting them. The smallest combo of the Wild is the set of just two tiles on one line. Hit it and get your line wager multiplied 5 times. For the maximum combination of 5 tiles, you may get your line stake 500 times bigger. 

If you look at the wild tile, it’s surrounded by a golden frame. And it’s not for nothing. Remember, King Midas was able to turn everything he touched into gold. It ended up sort of sad for him, but our Miss Midas is not that hasty. She may turn the icons she touches into gold only if she wishes so. And heck she’s damn good at that, just check out the Superbet level. 

So what is a Superbet feature? Basically, it’s an extra wager. You may throw in some more coins to turn tiles into gold. There are three possible variants of the Superbet round. First is Superbet level 2. It costs 25 coins per spin. Activate it and turn a Peacock, a Throne, a Rose or Fruit into gold. In other words, into the Wild! 

The Superbet level one costs 10 coins and with its help, you may turn a Peacock, a Throne or Fruit into gold. And the third variant is called Superbet off. When activated, may be used to turn a Peacock or a Throne into gold. It costs no extra charge. 

But how to activate the Superbet feature? Use the side-bar control to the right of the reel-screen. Here you may choose the mode you want to use and activate it. There are four icons representing all paysymbols you may turn into gold: the Peacock and the Throne are always active. If you want to add the Fruit, press the icon. The 10 coins fee will be added to your spin stake. If you want to add one more tile — the rose, just press the icon with it. There will be a 25 coins fee added to your spin wager. To undo, press the tiles again. 

The scatter is yet another great perk. At Miss Midas, the scatter is a tile with a fantastic castle. Look out for it, remember, scatter wins are paid any way. By the way, the scatter here can form combos. So if you hit a combo of scatters, your payline stake will be worth 100x for the set of three and 2,500x for the set of five. But the main perk of the Castle scatter tile is that it comes loaded with free games. Who doesn’t like spinning for free? 

Everyone is mad about it, right? So hit three scatters for 15, four for 20 and five for 25 free games. Free Games round at Miss Midas is very special. First, the round may be retriggered. And secondly, not only one symbol may be turned to gold, but all the adjacent tiles activated by the Superbet round will be turned into gold.

The design of the slot is quite memorable: the colors are cheerful and flashy. The deep shades of gold. The interface is relatively simple: basic buttons for spinning and betting at the bottom of the screen and a few widgets that show the win and the bet. As for the menu and the help sections, they are somewhat hard to find. It took us a while to figure out that a tiny icon with a gear symbol is actually the menu. 

If you have the same problem, just look at the left lower corner. Yes, this is it right there! So if you have some questions about the payouts, you want to fix the line wager or just curious, press it!

Love richly designed slots with elaborate graphic and peculiar gameplay? Try Miss Midas. The betting range is acceptable for almost any player. The extra betting feature — Superbet, is quite peculiar. Use it to experiment with your betting options. Always nice to have some extra perk that may help you win, right?


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