Legend of the White Buffalo


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Once upon the time in the prairies!

Once upon the time on the vast prairies of the West, lived buffaloes. Huge herds of these gorgeous animals roamed across the endless plains. Among the locals of these lands, the Indians, hunting buffaloes was considered a great honor. Fancy becoming a well-respected Indian warrior? Then why won’t you pop in the Legend of the White Buffalo slot for a couple of spins? Or maybe more?

Nowadays the variety of slots is so great, we gamblers sometimes feel 100% sure that we have seen it all and there is absolutely nothing that can surprise us. Well, brace yourselves as here comes something you have never expected. Legend of the White Buffalo is the slot with no paylines or reels. Don’t get us wrong there are reels in the slot, five of those to be exact but each has a different number of stops.

As for paylines, they are not fixed, there are simply no paylines at all. You might ask, how the hell do you win in this slot? Quite easy, the combinations here are the same as anywhere else: from three to five tiles. But they don’t have to hit a line. Instead, they have to hit adjacent reels. That’s all. The combinations here also start from the first reel, but it has to be the first reel on the left or on the right. 

All the combos are paid left to right and right to left. This feature is called the Power XStream mode. Thus, at the Legend of the White Buffalo, there are 576 ways to win.

As for the betting, it is also extremely peculiar. There are no line bets, that's pretty self-explanatory. The Buffalo slot offers a totally different approach to betting. You pick the value of a coin, or as they put it here ‘a credit’, and then adjust a multiplier. Just imagine the variety of betting possibilities! Having a credit and a multiplier, the wagering variations are great.

Speaking of the tiles. At the White Buffalo slot, they may also be subdivided into regular and special-feature ones. And as we have mentioned earlier, they do form combinations. The slot’s Logo tile is worth up to 400 coins for 5. It’s the tile we are sure, deserves your attention. If you hit the max combo of five at the max multiplier, it is also a 5x, you might get awarded a Mega Jackpot worth 125,000 coins. Mind, the combo has to be Logo tiles only, no Wild substitution is allowed.

Five White Buffaloes are worth 100 coins. Five Red Indian Squaws are paid 60 coins, and five Tomahawks or five Jugs are worth 50. All the aforementioned were the unique slot tiles. The rest of the icons are the card-borrowed low-hand ones. The five Aces or five Kings combo will be paid 30 coins; five Queens or Jacks will be paid 25 coins. Mind all the wins we have mentioned are for the 1x multiplier only. If you change the multiplier, your payouts would vary accordingly.

As for the bonus tiles, there is quite an ordinary selection of those in the White Buffalo. There is a substitute tile or a Wild. At the White Buffalo slot, it substitutes any tile but the Bonus one. The Wild appears on the second, third and fourth reels only.

The Bonus tile is all about free spins. Hit a winning combo of Bonus icons and get 8 spins on the house. The feature can be retriggered. If you hit several Bonus combos at one spin the free spins are summed up. Thus, you may get up to 128 free spins at one spin. Free games are played at a different set of reels, and they are spun at the triggering bet multiplier. Also, there is no way of hitting a Jackpot at the free spin mode.

There are two main bonus features. One is the Power XStream, that we have already mentioned. All Power XStreams wins are paid both ways: left to right and vice versa. The only regulation is that the combo has to start on the last reel, whether from the left or from the right.

And finally one more perk, a Streaming Stacks feature. Its main idea is to stack a randomly chosen tile on one of the middle reels: second through third. It is done at the beginning of any spin. Not every symbol may be available for stacking, though.

As for the interface and the betting, they are a bit complicated and may seem confusing. The bets are set in the Slot Settings window. Just press the icon with three horizontal lines to the left of the reels and select the Setting icon from the menu. 

There, you'll be able to adjust the credit value: from €0.01 to €0.40, as well as multiplier: from 1 to 5. Thus, the total spin wager may go from €0.50 to €100.00.

Have you ever spun a slot with no paylines? Maybe today is a great day to start! Instead of 15, 20, 30 or 50 ways to win, you get 576 opportunities! Those may seem a bit overwhelming, but you’ll get a hold on yourselves in no time, having in mind all the prospective winnings!


What an attractive slot
Date: 2021-02-15 03:20:14