PLAY NOW Winter Wonders

What can be better than Christmas holidays? You eat all you want, sleep all day long, and finally can relax and do absolutely nothing. Well, there is one thing that can make your holidays even better. We are talking about spending some time at an online house playing your favorite games. But Christmas is such a lazy time, we personally don’t like thinking too much about gameplay and intricate strategies. So the best game for the holiday season is a simple one.

PLAY NOW Wild carnival

Have you ever visited Rio, seen their fantastic carnival? We haven’t. But now we can experience its fun and excitement right from our homes. Take a look at the Wild Carnival slot by Rival. That’s where all the fun is! And that is where all the hot wins are. Wild Carnival is a standard five-reeled slot. It features 50 non-fixed paylines. When you start playing the slot, remember you can pick as many lines as you wish to. Then, as far as betting is concerned, you need to select the coins bet per each line.

PLAY NOW Wild Safari

What is your dream holiday? Some people enjoy relaxing on the beach, sipping a cocktail and doing nothing at all. Others prefer to spend their time in a more adventurous way. Are you an adventurous person yourself? Then you will enjoy Rival’s Wild Safari. This slot is all about action-packed adventures and Africa. Whether you have already been to that spectacular continent or not, you would enjoy the game either way. First, because it is really done with Africa in mind.


What would happen if a bunch of zombies took over one of the most loved sports games of all time? Log into your favorite casino and see for yourself. All you need is to find a Zombie FC slot. The game is powered by proprietary software, and it’s exclusive to certain sites only, so hope your house has it. Zombie FC is a standard 5-reels video slot with 243 pay ways. Never heard of 243 pay ways? It simply means the slot has no regular paylines.

PLAY NOW Secret of the Stones

Care for some rocks? Guess you never saw that coming, right?! Who in the world would care for them unless it’s not some Stonehenge we are talking about. Well, guess what, not only Stonehenge has awesome rocks. We know another place where not only rocks look appealing, but where rocks come with big wins attached. Still doubt such a place exists, well don’t, as there is the Secret of the Stones by NetEnt coming our way.

PLAY NOW Shields of the Wild

It seems like Shields of the Wild are set in the Medieval times. Or before. If the time is uncertain, the topic is. As the Shields of the Wild slot is a military themed one. It’s for those who will gladly join the battle for his king or for the county or for more mundane reasons like money or power. The battle that is about to begin is what we see on the background of the reel-screen. This first-person view is actually captivating. It looks as if you along with your fellow warriors are going to strike soon.

PLAY NOW Super Safari

Do you like classic slots like we do? You know, the slots where you can adjust pretty much everything from the number of lines to the value of a single coin! Fantastic feeling, right? NextGen gives you this perfect opportunity at the Super Safari slot. The jungle-themed retro classic fun! Super Safari features 25 lines. You may fix the number of lines you play either using the side-bars with numbers or the knobs at the bottom of the screen.

PLAY NOW Sword of Destiny

Sword of Destiny is epic. Bally did a great job creating a slot that not only looks epic, but feels it. This feeling is in the graphics and perfect animation, it’s in the gameplay and the bonus perks, but what’s more, it’s in the wins. Let’s start from the basics. The reel-screen looks highly unusual. In most slots, the reels take up almost the entire screen, but not here. At Sword of Destiny the lion’s share of the screen is taken up by the animated sword girls and men: hot, sassy and deadly!

PLAY NOW Monopoly Money In Hand

Enjoy playing Monopoly and spinning slots? Having a hard time to pick what to do tonight? Now you don't have to choose anymore, as there are Monopoly Money in Hand slot. Spin it, and enjoy both the Monopoly themed gameplay, and the real big-time spin wins. Actually, this slot has one of the highest RTPs we have met and one of the most complex gameplays ever. But, first things first. The layout of the slot is very standard: five reels, three rows and ten fixed lines.


Gamblers who are into the Greek Mythology are going to love today’s slot. Frankly, there are plenty of machines themed after the history of Ancient Greece. It’s a yummy topic with plenty of heroes, gods, beauties and fighting. Today’s slot is themed around one spectacular figure, a monster, Medusa. She, along with her sisters the Gorgons, was able to turn people into stones and water into ice with just one look. And some say it was not because she was scary. It’s the other way around.


Slot machines are the most popular type of activity in every online casino. And we created the biggest and the fullest list of slots. You can see them on this page so you can try them, rate them and even play for free. The detailed description of every slot machine will give you full understanding of rules, number of combinations and possible wins on those machines.

Every casino has a huge range of different slots. Developers use a lot of topics and themes to create the newest games. Almost all of first slot machines were with fruits on the reel, but now all them are perfected and modernized. Developers created machines with astonishing graphics and mini-games to give gambler the most of pleasure from slots. Now you can have slots with every theme you can imagine. There are games about fruits, traveling, countries and continents, cartoons, erotica and even slots that are especially created on motives of the most popular movies.

So how much can you win with slots? A lot of them form your prize considering your bet and number of lines that are used in your game. But there are some machines that can give you the real jackpot. Sometimes jackpot goes as high as truly crazy amount of several millions of dollars. And every gambler has the chance of winning it.

You can choose your own type of game with slot machines. It can be for free in training mode or with real money. We provide you with such an opportunity. If you want to try out some slots for training or just have some fun, you can play on our website with no deposit at all. Just pick the slot machine you like, click on it and enjoy the proses. But if you want to really try out your luck, go to the casino we’ve already checked for you, complete your registration and fight for the chance of winning huge jackpot that will make you true millionaire.