VIP Roulette Ultimate


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The Ultimate VIP Spin

Spinning a roulette is so much fun! One can never get enough. Knowing that, Synot introduced their variant of a classic European roulette. They named it VIP and Ultimate at the same time. Sounds a bit too much, if you ask us. But they have probably thought that exclusive experience starts with an exclusive name. 

So what else is exclusive in the VIP Roulette Ultimate? Surprisingly, not much. Obviously, no one expects the gameplay to change. Any punter would be strongly against it, including us. So the game is the same good-old European roulette featuring 36 black and red pockets along with a single green zero. The odds are the same, too. As for the bets, VIP Roulette Ultimate offers the same variety of wagers any classic roulette has. Standard outside, inside and call wagers. 

For the inside and outside bets you use the betting grid, while for the call bets using the racetrack seems more appropriate. You may wager on Voisins, Tier and Orphelins using a racetrack. Also, you may wager on one number and its two neighbors on each side of the wheel. There is no Jeu Zero on the racetrack, though you may make this bet using the Neighbors option. 

All the inside bets and outside bets are standard. You know them too well to bother you with a long description. But what makes VIP Roulette Ultimate by Synot really stand out against the rest of the roulettes is their special bets. Usually, these bets are not given so much attention. No company cares to spare a separate betting menu for them. 

Synot decided to make everything right and offered its view of how the special bets feature may look like. To get access to the menu, activate the Expert mode. There is a special switch in the lower left screen corner. Activate it and a pop-up window will appear right above the switch. 

There you will see a list of 17 special bets you may make without breaking a sweat. Just pick your poison and click. Right next to the name of your poison there is a sign indicating how many chips you need for the bet. A cool feature actually, no need to count them yourself anymore. 

What bets are there in the special bet section? First, of course, there are red and black splits. Red splits is a 4 coins bet while black splits require 7 coins. After comes the Orphelin Plein bet. We have no idea why it was included into the special bet section. The racetrack already has the exactly the same bet. Finale en Plein is the next special bet. 

There are Finale bets for all sorts of plein: from 0 to 9. Apart from the regular plein bets that end in one number there are also four mixed pleins: 0/3, 1/4, 2/5 and 3/6. Actually, we enjoyed having shortcuts to those bets. Sounds weird, we rarely use those, because of their complexity. Maybe we should make en plein bets more often. They certainly diversify the gameplay. 

VIP Roulette Ultimate’s design is nothing but classic. They use only one point of view on the table, as if you are standing right at the table looking down on it. Thus, you see the wheel, the grid and the racetrack. It’s very comfortable to have the entire picture. Changing screens between the spinning and the betting tends to get pretty annoying, eventually. The table is a classic felted one but available in different colors, apart from the classic green there are some exotic hues like tan, violet, pink. 

The control panel and the rest of the interface are rather simple. To bet you may use the chips available in three values: 5, 10 and 50. Mind the table limit while betting. It is not so VIP as we expected. The table minimal limit is 5, and the maximum spin limit is only 100. A special widget with payouts and limits is right on the table. As for spinning, the control buttons are in the lower left screen corner.

Actually, we have found it to be rather uncomfortable. Most tables offer the right-hand corner for the spin button. Highly unusual! Right next to the ‘Spin’ button there are ‘Undo’, ‘Clear all bets’ and ‘Double’ knobs. Punters, who enjoy customizable games, would love VIP Roulette Ultimate. But not thanks to the felt color. We have found the save the bet feature much more important. 

You can save up to 6 bets and access them via a handy shortcut in a pop-up window. At VIP Roulette Ultimate they take history very seriously. There are two separate pop-up windows at the screen top. One is for the wins. And the other is for hot numbers. 

You know what? We actually liked VIP Roulette Ultimate by Synot. It’s a bit unusual, a bit uncomfortable, and the tan-colored felt looks terrifying, but it is still the European-style roulette. Its rules and odds are perfectly standard. The table limits are quite favorable to all punters, no matter what size their bankroll is. 

The gameplay has no unpleasant surprises and pitfalls. Just log in, place your bet and spin. We are sure you will love it. Though, change the felt color before start spinning. Just in case you don’t like tan!


Very interesting article, always wanted to learn how to play roulette!
Date: 2021-02-18 12:58:34