Pinball Roulette


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Pin the Win!

Don’t you think all online roulette machines look identical? Whatever new perks are added, whatever the wins are, the basic mechanics of the games, its gameplay never change. Well, we have some news for you! There is a new online roulette that will blow mind, because it’s a mixture is a classic roulette with a pinball machine. Yes, you heard it right! Wonder how it works?! Let’s take a look! 

At first, Pinball Roulette looks like any other online roulette. It’s obviously goes by the European rules, as there is only one zero on the wheel and no extra pockets added. The betting grid is also standard. So are the bets. Pinball Roulette features all the usual classic roulette bets like inside and outside ones. Their odds are standard too. Absolutely nothing new here. To bet, you need to choose your stake and place it on a number or a combination. After your bets are placed, you hit the ‘Bet’ knob, and this is when the fun part begins. 

We told you this game will blow your mind?! We were dead serious! For there is no wheel. Nope, we are not trying to play you or anything. Pinball Roulette has no wheel. Instead, it has a Pinball Machine. To pick a winning number, the ball sets off into the pinball machine. We all have seen plenty of those. This one is just like any of them, it is full of bumpers and pins. 

The ball travels around the pinball field, hitting the obstacles until it finally lands in one of the pockets. Those are just like a roulette wheel pockets, but they are placed one after another in a row that moves along the bottom rim of the game screen. So when the ball finally falls into a numbered pocket, you get your winning number. Probably the pinball machine uses the same RNG as a roulette wheel. So we have no doubts about this method being fair. But heck, it is so unusual! 

Now, when the number is determined and you know how much you have won, you think it’s time for one more spin? We mean round, of course! Well, think again. The guys from Ash Gaming, who designed this machine, went further. They offer us one more fun and profitable perk: a bonus round! After your win is determined, you have two choices. First, to accept the win and move back to the main game mode. 

Or you may use your win to make one more bet in the bonus game. The bonus round also features a pinball machine, but this time it is a little different. It has several bumpers, each with a different multiplier. When the ball sets off, it may hit a bumper thus multiplying your wager. Afterwards it has to land. The trick is, it has to land in the middle section of the pinball machine. 

If by any chance it lands in the far left or the far right sectors, you lose. If it fails to hit any bumper, you also lose your wager. So using this option, you may multiply your winning up to 10 times, or you may lose them entirely. Where to sign up?!

Ash Gaming achieved almost the impossible: created perfectly entertaining online roulette with an unusual gameplay and made it nerve-tickling AF. Imagine that! What’s more, it’s user-friendly. You may tune it to suit your needs: adjust sound and table design to make your experience truly exclusive. Turning the dealer’s voice on and off, choosing the quality of the graphics that suit you best, and plenty of other features to tinker with. 

There is, for example, a Turbo Bet option for the most impatient gamblers. Activate this feature and you will skip the pinball episode and see the result right away. Though, we personally found this part of the gameplay the most unusual and extremely entertaining. 

Frankly, Pinball Roulette is one of the best European Roulette spin-off we have ever seen. It’s fun, easy to play but with quite a challenging gameplay. It keeps you involved, agitated, and tickles your nerves. This is the excitement we are looking for in a game, right? But in the core of this machine, there is still a perfect European Roulette with its endless pros. 

All the stakes and odds are familiar, the payouts are predictable and the edge is high. Speaking of which, Pinball Roulette’s RTP is a bit lower than a classic roulette’s one, but still rather high — 97.30%. A very solid RTP for any player, we’d say! So why not give this machine a go?! Mix-up some grown-up roulette fun with some adolescent arcade entertainment? Quite a smoothie!


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Date: 2021-02-18 13:07:01