Penny Roulette


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A Penny for a Spin!

You are right, it’s not November yet! No need to give away spare change to kids hanging around the streets! But November or not, with the Playtech’s Penny Roulette you may put your spare change to a much better use than buying fireworks!

So what is a Penny Roulette? By the look of it, it is just an ordinary European style roulette! Why do we need yet one more European roulette, you might ask? Well, this one is unique. It is nothing like other roulettes. But first things first!

Penny Roulette is a classic roulette. It looks classic with its mahogany wheel, a standard 36+1 pockets betting grid and a racetrack. Its gameplay is set according to the classic rules. Its stakes and odds are standard, they are just like those of an ordinary European Roulette. If you have doubts, look at the payouts table of the menu: no surprises there!

The betting is also pretty much standard here. To make a bet, you choose the chips, place it or them on the grid and then take a spin. There is a standard set of buttons to control the betting at Penny Roulette, like Clear, Double or Rebet. Also, there is a Spin knob which is hard to miss. Press it after your bets are set. After the spinning is done, you will see the winning number in a pop-up window. Also, there will be several buttons to repeat the bet and to double and then repeat it. 

As always, Playtech allows you to customize the game to suit your taste. Choose the table view you enjoy the most. Switch the felt color. Select several gameplay options that help you to set a game at a pace that you enjoy the most. We liked that side-angle table view. When you see the entire table with the betting area and the wheel. Seems like you just standing by the roulette table at some old-fashioned brick and mortar house. 

Those are some priceless emotions, right! Also, with this diagonal view there is no need to change screens for placing the bet and for the spinning! That may be quite annoying sometimes!

Some extra menu features may help you enhance and personalize your spinning. The statistics and history section will come in handy if you use some sort of roulette system or just like to keep track of your bets. You may also memorize your favorite bets for fast access. There is an Autospin and Advance modes for those who enjoy agile spinning. Playtech is famous for being attentive to such details, so enjoy the fine-tuning! It brings your gambling to the whole new level. 

Everything we have mentioned is awesome, but you may say that any modern online roulette features the same opinions and perks. So is there really something truly unique in Penny Roulette. In fact, there is. And you may easily guess what it is by looking at its name. Penny Roulette has the smallest and the most precise bets among the similar machines. 

If you look at the stacks of chips on the table, there you have a choice between the chips worth 1p, 10p and 50p, and there are more expensive chips worth £1, £5 and £10. The table limit at Penny Roulette is from £0.01 to £500.

Probably, it wouldn’t attract you if you enjoy high stakes. But if you have a moderate size bankroll or just wish to try out several playing strategies without having to risk much money, then Penny Roulette is just the right choice for you. Remember, you still have regular odds and valid wager. Newbies may also find Penny Roulette quite appealing. Having a full range of emotions and opportunities with a stake worth just one single penny. Frankly, who wouldn’t find that appealing?!

So what is your category? Are you a newbie or are you into some wild strategical experiment or maybe you just up to something new? You know what; it doesn’t really matter! Categories, approaches and strategies are nothing compared to the real first-hand spinning excitement. Just log in and give Penny Roulette a go! And let the odds be in your favor! 


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Date: 2021-02-18 13:07:49