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The Mystery of the NewAR

NewAR Roulette was developed by Playtech, one of the leaders in the industry. Why is it called this way? We have no idea! Playtech doesn’t explain the name of the roulette at all! And guess what; we find this name intrigue quite a catch! It certainly draws attention and excites curiosity. Well done!

So what is behind this peculiar name? The answer is simple: a perfect roulette. We are not kidding; it is really perfect. Take a European roulette that strictly adheres to the classic rules. Make sure its stakes, betting grid, racetrack, as well as the odds are 100% European. Add the impeccable Playtech quality, sleek graphics and the flawless RNG work. And you will get a perfect game, you will get the NewAR.

The interface is standard, we should say. You may call it classic, though! And it is classic. The mahogany wheel with stylish metal rims looks posh. The table is old-fashioned green felt. The betting grid and the racetrack are both there on the betting table. So you don’t have to look for some icon to click on to open a racetrack if you feel like making some sophisticated call bet.

Let’s talk betting! Here, almost the bets are classic European inside and outside stake. Their odds are standard. With one exception, and we’ll talk about it later. How to bet? First, decide on a stake. At the bottom of the screen, there are 4 stacks of chips. They are worth 1, 5, 10 and 25 coins. Choose the value that suits you best and place your bet. Remember, there are table limits. 

At the NewAR Roulette the minimum stake is £1, the tops per spin is £1K. After the bet is placed you press Spin and then wait for the wheel to stop.  You will see the number that was hit in a separate window. It’s such a close-up view, impossible to miss!

NewAR betting is standard. There is nothing new or surprising here. The interface is also extremely simple. Any gambler, even an inexperienced one, will grasp how to use it in less than a minute. There are some basic knobs for spinning, including the ‘Rebet’ and ‘Double & Rebet’ buttons. You may see the bet and the win in corresponding widgets at the bottom of the screen. 

Also, there is a History widget in the upper right corner. All the recently won numbers are displayed there. The ‘Help’ section is also great. There you may find all the stakes and the odds, re-read some basic game rules if you feel like it. But the best feature is its statistics report. If you are curious about statistics on winning numbers, you will find it there. The statistical data is presented is simply perfect manner: clear and visual! It doesn’t deserve thumbs up, no! It rather deserves some long-standing ovations.

The best about NewAR is that you may customize it all you want. You may customize anything from the felt color to the gameplay in a jiffy. There is a quick access option. You may add four favorite bets to it. Another perk is a table view: you may pick one of the two available. You may stick to either one, it doesn’t interfere with the betting. Then, there is a Fast Play option you may activate. People who are so impatient that can’t wait a couple of seconds to watch the wheel stop usually appreciate it a lot!

By now you probably wonder why Playtech took a standard European roulette with its awesome perks, gave it a fancy name and released it as a brand new online roulette? Probably, felt color customization feature is not enough to justify it?! You are absolutely right! 

There is one more feature we haven’t mentioned yet. Playtech introduced one more outside bet into the gameplay. Or we should probably say Playtech introduced two more bets, as it is an even bet. They are called Even + Red/0 and Odd + Black/0. You may see the corresponding spots on the outside betting grid right next to the Black and the Red sectors.

What are those bets? Basically, it’s a combination of three already existing ones. Even + Red/0 is a stake on all even red numbers and zero, while Odd + Black/0 is a wager on all odd black numbers and zero. The payouts for this stake are 3:1. If you hit a zero, the payouts are only 2:1. Frankly, not the best odds. They raise the casino edge a bit. If we were you, we wouldn’t experiment with those. Stick to standard stakes, whether outside, inside or call ones, those are much more to the punters’ advantage.

Have you ever played a perfect roulette? The one with the high gamblers' edge, great odds and perfectly paced gameplay? If not, then you have a chance to do it today! Try the NewAR! It is a great machine designed with such precision, expertise and close attention to details, there is nothing left to improve. All you have left is to enjoy it! But drop the new bets, they won’t do you any good!


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Date: 2021-02-18 13:10:37