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Multi Win at Multi Wheel

What do all the gamblers dream of? Wins, right? Well, of course we do. But let’s face it, the wins are only half a deal. It is more spinning, more staking, and more action we really want. If you crave more gambling action too, maybe it’s time for a change? Why not try something new? Microgaming offered us an exclusive entertainment for those who want more. They offered us a Multi Wheel Roulette featuring 8 wheels instead of a single one. So, care for a spin?

First, the looks. And here is much to see. First, there is a betting table with a racetrack. You won’t be able to see the racetrack right away: it is hidden in the pop-up window. Click on the arrow under the wheels to activate it. So it seems like the design is quite standard, right? There is a betting grid, a race track… Boring, you may say! Wait until you look up! As right above the betting table, there are eight windows, each with its own roulette wheel.

Under the betting table, there are some control buttons. You can choose the chips using icons at the bottom of the screen on the left. Each may be worth 1, 2, 5, 10 or 25 coins. Next to the chips, there are a Rebet and Rebetx2 buttons. So if you want to repeat the bet, you may easily do so using them and no need to memorize your bets. Next to them, there are widgets with the bet per wheel, the number of wheels, total bet and the total win. 

Interested in the numbers won at each of your wheels? Every wheel window has a special widget showing the number hit at this particular table. Also, the user interface features a Help icon. If you need help with payouts, odds, statistics or game settings, press it. 

Speaking of the Help section, here you may get a greatly detailed statistical summary of the game. You see not only the net results, but the detailed data on which type of the bet won, how often a particular bet wins as well as some general statistics on the number of spins and suchlike. The Multi Wheel features an auto-spin mode. You may set the number of spins here at the help section as well. 

As the general pace of the game is not strikingly agile, you may choose a Fast Play option. Having it on means you will get the spin results almost instantly. 

Though the roulette’s interface is standard and extremely simplified, it might seem a bit confusing at first. Just don’t rush into betting right away, no matter how eager you are to try. Instead, take some time to figure out how everything works. 

As we have mentioned before, Multi Wheel is a classic roulette. All its eight wheels are classic. So if you are into a European roulette, then you would feel at ease here. The wheel has standard 36 red and black pockets and one green zero. But it’s not the number of pockets we appreciate in the classic roulette, right?! It’s the return to player and the house edge we all are thrilled about. Every punter knows how high RTP is in the French roulette. At the Multi Wheel roulette, it is just about the same. 

As far as betting is concerned, here all the bets are also standard European roulette bets. To place a bet, you have to decide first how many wheels you would like to bet on. You may choose either all of them, or several, or just one. To activate the roulette window, click on it. Then you make up your mind on the bet. Mind, you may bet on as many wheels as you want, but the bets will be identical for all the active wheels. 

You may check how many wheels are in play on the widget in the right-hand corner at the bottom of the screen. All standard types of bets are possible here: inside and outside. And if you win, your bet will be multiplied by the number of wheels! 

Multi Wheel makes spinning a classic European roulette some truly unique experience. The quality of the graphics, the animation and the gameplay are impeccable. Also, the machine is customizable: change all you want to suit your needs whether it is the color of the table felt or the number of automatic spins. The winning possibilities are also striking: imagine your wins times eight. But keep in mind the odds. 

The odds will be cut eight times as well! We believe the Multi Wheel machine is just up your alley if you are into different roulette systems. Testing those here at Multi Wheel sounds like a good idea, and definitely a profitable one. But whether you like roulette systems or not, Multi Wheel gives you some neat possibilities to experiment with the bets. So why not give it a go?! Good luck!


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