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Hot Properties Full of Spins 

Did you like playing Monopoly as a kid? Maybe you enjoy it now? Doubt that! Everyone knows there is only one way to win at Monopoly, but it often leads to you losing all your friends along the way. How about playing Monopoly as a roulette? A much safer deal, if friendship is involved! Think we are crazy? Well, think again as there is an awesome new Monopoly Roulette by SG Interactive coming our way, we believe it will rock your world as it has already rocked ours. 

Is it any different from any other roulette, you may ask? Well, it certainly is, in a way! For starters, it’s heavily themed around the iconic board game. Design of the betting table and the wheel pays tribute to Monopoly. There is a subtitle - ‘Hot Properties’ written under the game’s name right on the felt. Also, check out a Rich Uncle Pennybags’ figurine in the middle of the wheel! 

And you will instantly spot an extra pocket on the wheel named HOT. It is right opposite the zero stop. It is a unique Monopoly Hot Properties borrowed feature! We’ll talk about it later.

Aside from that, the Monopoly Roulette is just like any other roulette. Well, any other American roulette! It has an extra stop on the wheel, just like any American roulette does. The design is rather classical too. The mahogany wheel on the green-felted table. What can be more classical than that? Though the Monopoly Roulette’s shade of green is rather pale. Probably, to remind us of the Monopoly game board in a way!

As for betting, here it is just like any American roulette betting. First, decide on the stake. There is a note selector to the left of the betting table, choose the chip value there. The lowest stake is worth 0.01, and the highest is 100.00. Afterwards, place your bet. You may bet on the main betting table or press the Racetrack icon in the lower right corner of the screen to place a call bet. Then you press ‘Spin’. 

To watch the spinning, you will be transferred to the spinning mode. It’s an animated mode with a great close-up view of the wheel and the pockets. The winning number will be shown in the special widget window. It’s really close-up, so you  won’t miss it. In case you did, there is a special message with a winning number that pops up in the widget with the recently hit numbers at the bottom of the screen. 

In the spinning window there are also some handy buttons like Repeat & Spin and Double-Up & Spin. So, you don’t have to return to the main game mode to repeat the bet. 

Roulette's interface is rather straightforward. There are a few betting buttons: like Clear, Undo, Repeat and Spin. We believe their functions are pretty self-explanatory. The Spin button stays grey until the bets are placed, afterwards it gets activated and turns green. Another great feature is a ‘Bet Details’ button. Very handy, if you ask us! Especially when you place several bets. 

Press it and you will see the summary of all your bets for that spin. Right below the control buttons, there are three major widgets: Balance, Stake and the one displaying the recently hit numbers. 

If you have some questions on betting, payouts or the game rules, there is a Help button. It’s right in the middle of the user-interface, with a letter ‘i’ on it. Hard to miss. In case you have forgotten the payouts, visit the Help section. Another nifty feature is a view angle. You may look at the table from two different angles: the table preview and the one when you look down on the table from above. 

There is a special button for this on the table. Choose whichever view mode you like the most, betting might be done in both modes. 

So far the machine seemed pretty much like any other roulette. No big difference! But in fact, there is a major difference! It is the HOT sector. To activate the HOT feature, place your bet on the designated betting space at the far-right end of the main betting table. It’s right behind the column bets sectors. So what happens if you hit the HOT sector? It initiates the bonus round game. 

It’s very much like any slot bonus round: a simple pick-me feature. You will be given 18 property cards to choose from. Remember, just like in Monopoly, the value of different types of property varies a lot. 

First, you will see the cards open, to see what properties and cash prizes are on them. Afterwards, the cards are flipped over and shuffled. You will have a certain number of picks. So pick the cards. The cards you have picked will be removed from the table. You may pick the cards either by hand or may click a ‘Quick Pick’ button for it to be done automatically. After the picking is over, you will be given an offer based on the properties that stayed on the table.

You may either accept the offer and return to the main game mode, or you may refuse the offer and go on picking in the second round of this bonus feature. There are five rounds in this bonus feature. In the first and the second ones you are given 5 picks. In the third and the fourth ones you have only three picks. And the last round features only one pick. 

Are you up to some wild entertainment: that includes both some hard-core board game fun along with some classic roulette spinning? Sounds exciting?! It really is exciting. Here you have both: classic betting fun and some unique bonus features. The Monopoly Roulette RTP is estimated at about 94.70%. It’s very much like a classic American roulette, that’s for sure. 

If you like American roulette you will love this one too, no doubts about that. There is only one thing that bothered us all the way through the test-spin the pace of the game. It’s rather measured. Almost leisurely, one may say. 

When the windows change from the table view to the spinning view, it takes quite a while. So if you are fine with a slow-paced game, you’d be happy! Otherwise, the game is just perfect! Everything is perfect: the idea, the design, the bonus round. And the chances to lose all your friends over the game are much slimmer here! So pop in and take a few spins yourself. There is no way you will stop! 


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Date: 2021-02-18 13:13:46