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La Partage: Make It Even!

The French do know how to have fun in the most refined way. We have to give them that! They have accomplished the impossible: took the best table game in the history of mankind and made it better! You might argue, no sequel or spin-off ever was better than the first film. And wrong you are, as there is always the Godfather II trump we are ready to play, but let’s not go down that road! 

What the French did is superb: they took a European Roulette and turned it into a perks-stuffed roulette. That’s an offer we can’t refuse! So here we go!

To bet at French Roulette you have to choose the value of the chips first. There are plenty of chips at the bottom of the screen. Click on one to pick it up, then place it on the sector in the grid. You may bet more than one chip on one spot. To double or triple your bet, just click the corresponding number of times on the section of your choice. 

The chips are available in different values. The smallest is 0.10 credit and the most expensive is 1K. While placing your bets, keep in mind the table limit: it goes from 0.10 to 5,000. Though, you might disregard this advice completely, as the roulette features an auto adjust system. It means, if your bet exceeds the allowed range, it will be automatically lowered to fit the limit. 

After the bets are made, you press the spin button and wait for the ball to stop. When the ball lands into the pocket, the winning number is determined. If you win, you get paid according to the paytable, if not then you lose your wager. Almost, but not always! 

The French Roulette is not called La Partage for nothing! There are 2 special betting opinions in this game. To die for perks any gambler will be mad about! Some even say French Roulette is cooler than the regular one. Not sure about that, but betting extensions are certainly fantastic. First is La Partage. The rules say, if you place a bet with 1:1 odds, but the ball lands on zero, you get half of your money back. This feature brings the roulette’s RTP down to 1,35%. How about that, right?

Another betting extension is En Prison feature. Once again, it involves even money wagers only. When you make one, and the ball hits the zero, your bet is kept in prison for the following spin. If you win, get your money back. Even if you lose, you have the last chance, sort of. Really impressive!

Both features deal with even money wagers only. So what are those? Well, in short, it is a wager paid 1:1. Like a red/black, manque/passe, even/odd roulette bets, for example. Both extensions, En Prison and La Partage, are activated instantly when you make one of those bets.

The rest of the wagers are standard, like inside, outside and call wagers. The first two are made using the betting grid. There you can make a straight-up wager, bet on a split, a trio or on a section of 6. Also, there is a corner wager. Combine the bets in any combination you want. The outside bets, like even/odd, manque/passe, red/black we have already mentioned, but there are also bets on columns or dozens.

As for call bets, there is a special racetrack for them. To activate the racetrack, click on the icon at the bottom of the screen. The racetrack will appear in a pop-up window. Here you bet on tier, orphelines, jeu zero and voisines. Also, it is possible to bet on a number and its neighbors. To adjust the number of neighbors, use ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons.

As for the rest of the interface, it’s extremely comfortable to use. You may check statistics of the spins in the ‘Stats’ section next to the racetrack icon. Then, just next to it, there is a ‘Payout table.’ Though they are standard roulette odds. To the right from the chips there are the icons for spinning: the ‘Spin’ button, the ‘Double’ knob that allows to double the entire bet on the grid; also there are ‘Delete all bets’ tile and an ‘Undo’ button for the last bet. 

All the knobs are used a lot so placing them next to the spin icon is quite a good idea. The widget with basic statistical info on hot and cold numbers and the hit pockets is always available right in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. 

La Partage is a pure masterpiece among table games. It features the lowest casino edge among all table games. It is less than 2%. That brings your advantage over the casino to a fantastic 97-point-something %. If that is not awesome then what is? Spare some time to enjoy some roulette fun mixed the French way! They have an old hand on this!


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