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Tame the Tiger

Speaking of roulette, what is your favorite one? There is so much variety nowadays. Different providers come up with new ideas. Log in any online house and you will see so many roulettes. Like a candy shop. Well, PG-13 kind of candy shop! But no matter how huge the selection is, European Roulette is the one we would instantly choose. 

There is nothing like a classic roulette. And Red Tiger’ European is just as classy as classic may get. The layout is traditional: 36 black and red pockets and the single green one for zero. The betting is also regular. 

There are traditional inside and outside bets. The inside and outside bets are done on the betting grid. They are standard: straight, red/black, even/odd, small/big, dozens, columns, trios, six-lines and streets. The call bets are made on the racetrack. Here the selection is also standard: orphelins, tier, jeu zero, neighbors and voisins. 

First, the design. Here Red Tiger decided to step away from the traditional look. There is no green-felted table or a mahogany wheel. Instead, they went for a total black look. The table and the wheel are pitch black. It doesn’t look depressive or anything like this. 

The dark ambiance is on the contrary rather soothing and intimate. There is one view of the table: from the top but the angle is really comfortable. Here you can see the entire betting grid, the racetrack and the wheel at the same time. The grid and the racetrack are both on the table next to each other. The racetrack is rather big, so it is easy to use. You don’t have to look for hidden icons to open pop-up windows so you can make a stake. 

Playing Red Tiger’s Roulette is breezy. First select a wager. Use chips placed at the bottom of the screen. The betting range is spectacular: from 1.00 credit to 5K credits. No surprise that the table limit is the same: 1 – 5,000. After you have decided on the value of the stake, decide how to bet it. You may choose anything from a single number bet to an elaborate combination of several stakes. 

As long as they fit the table limit, you may experiment all you want. When the bets are placed on the table, press the ‘Spin’ button and wait for the outcome. Not a long wait. After the ball lands in the pocket and the winning number is determined, the dolly is placed on the winning number in the betting grid. We enjoyed this ground-based casino gesture a lot. 

Checking the memory section or hot numbers is cool, sure. But seeing that little dolly, a trifle really, but it is so heart-warming. 

Apart from the aforementioned buttons and features, there are also several widgets with financial information. In the upper left-hand corner of the screen, there is a balance icon, then there is also a total bet widget and the ‘Paid’ widget. The latter indicates how much you have been paid for the last spin. 

The Spin, Clear and Double buttons are in the lower right corner of the screen, to be exact. And the entire right rim of the screen is the table history section. Press the arrow button to open the pop-up window with records about all the spins you have made, all the numbers that won and some statistics on the hot and cold numbers, and the winning stats for the red/black and even/odd numbers. 

The Help section is hidden behind the three-lined icon in the upper right corner of the screen. There you will find all the odds and payout as well as some basic rules.

Red Tiger’s European Roulette is mind-blowing. It offers high-quality gambling pastime, and it lives up to its promises. It’s standard, though unusually designed. The odds are classic roulette odds, and we enjoyed this a great deal. 

Any punter knows that roulette is awesome because it is hot. It pays, and the payouts are generous. So if you care for a change or you haven't found your favorite roulette, log in and give Red Tiger’s masterpiece a go. Trust us, it is worth every minute!


Red Tiger - its good game!
Date: 2021-02-18 13:05:20