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When you think about a casino, what comes to your mind first? Most people would imagine a roulette table instantly. Roulette has always been one of the most popular casino games. Everyone loves it. The newbies appreciate the atmosphere. There is nothing more casino-ish than a green felt table with a mahogany wheel on it. The frequenters are really mad about the payouts. Roulette is hot either way you look at it. And the best type of roulette is certainly the European one.

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Spinning a roulette is so much fun! One can never get enough. Knowing that, Synot introduced their variant of a classic European roulette. They named it VIP and Ultimate at the same time. Sounds a bit too much, if you ask us. But they have probably thought that exclusive experience starts with an exclusive name. So what else is exclusive in the VIP Roulette Ultimate? Surprisingly, not much. Obviously, no one expects the gameplay to change.

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The French do know how to have fun in the most refined way. We have to give them that! They have accomplished the impossible: took the best table game in the history of mankind and made it better! You might argue, no sequel or spin-off ever was better than the first film. And wrong you are, as there is always the Godfather II trump we are ready to play, but let’s not go down that road! What the French did is superb: they took a European Roulette and turned it into a perks-stuffed roulette.

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Speaking of roulette, what is your favorite one? There is so much variety nowadays. Different providers come up with new ideas. Log in any online house and you will see so many roulettes. Like a candy shop. Well, PG-13 kind of candy shop! But no matter how huge the selection is, European Roulette is the one we would instantly choose. There is nothing like a classic roulette. And Red Tiger’ European is just as classy as classic may get.

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Don’t you think all online roulette machines look identical? Whatever new perks are added, whatever the wins are, the basic mechanics of the games, its gameplay never change. Well, we have some news for you! There is a new online roulette that will blow mind, because it’s a mixture is a classic roulette with a pinball machine. Yes, you heard it right! Wonder how it works?! Let’s take a look! At first, Pinball Roulette looks like any other online roulette.

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You are right, it’s not November yet! No need to give away spare change to kids hanging around the streets! But November or not, with the Playtech’s Penny Roulette you may put your spare change to a much better use than buying fireworks! So what is a Penny Roulette? By the look of it, it is just an ordinary European style roulette! Why do we need yet one more European roulette, you might ask? Well, this one is unique. It is nothing like other roulettes. But first things first!

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NewAR Roulette was developed by Playtech, one of the leaders in the industry. Why is it called this way? We have no idea! Playtech doesn’t explain the name of the roulette at all! And guess what; we find this name intrigue quite a catch! It certainly draws attention and excites curiosity. Well done! So what is behind this peculiar name? The answer is simple: a perfect roulette. We are not kidding; it is really perfect. Take a European roulette that strictly adheres to the classic rules.

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What do all the gamblers dream of? Wins, right? Well, of course we do. But let’s face it, the wins are only half a deal. It is more spinning, more staking, and more action we really want. If you crave more gambling action too, maybe it’s time for a change? Why not try something new? Microgaming offered us an exclusive entertainment for those who want more. They offered us a Multi Wheel Roulette featuring 8 wheels instead of a single one. So, care for a spin?

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Did you like playing Monopoly as a kid? Maybe you enjoy it now? Doubt that! Everyone knows there is only one way to win at Monopoly, but it often leads to you losing all your friends along the way. How about playing Monopoly as a roulette? A much safer deal, if friendship is involved! Think we are crazy? Well, think again as there is an awesome new Monopoly Roulette by SG Interactive coming our way, we believe it will rock your world as it has already rocked ours.


Online roulette is one of the most popular games in every and each casino. It depends on the gambler in the roulette and on one’s system of bets to be precise. A lot of professional gamblers started to win good money by playing roulette. That’s why we created a page where you can find all the systems and strategies to win big.

A lot of modern casinos offer you a huge range of different online roulettes. You can find a European roulette, an American or French roulette, a roulette with no zero, a strip roulette, a Marvel roulette and much more. All of them have very similar rules. Gamblers make bet on numbers, colors or dozens. Depending on a number when the roulette stops, you get your payoff.

So what is the most profitable way of betting in roulette? You will get the highest payoff if you put your bet on a number. And if the number you chose wins, you`ll get x35 of your initial bet. Then you have bets on dozens with x3 winning rate. And the safest bets on equal chances with x2. According to different online sources, the online roulette gives gamblers the highest chances to win in the casino.

In all major casinos you will find not just a classic roulette but also the live version of this popular game. This is a special type of roulette where you play with real live dealer online without leaving your house. All croupiers and dealers are real living and breathing girls with model looks. And the game itself is held in live mode for all the players simultaneously. Online roulette in live mode is really cool but also a profitable casino activity. And if your bet wins, you can leave some tips for your beautiful croupier right from your computer or smartphone.