Las Vegas thief that stole $82,000 watch


A notorious Las Vegas thief who stole an $82,000 watch was caught.

A man reported his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch, valued at $37,000, missing to the police station. All he remembers of that unfortunate night is that he met a beautiful woman in a bar and had a drink with her. Then they went to his room, but there was no intimacy involved. The rest of the time the man was under the influence of powerful paralyzing drugs.

The girl who committed the crime is called Rosa. The victim noticed a distinctive tattoo on her thigh. The incident took place in the Cosmopolitan Hotel worth more than 50 million dollars, not far from the famous Bellagio.

A week later, the management of another hotel called the police. There was another man asking for help after a night with a girl named Rosa. This man had a $45,000 Rolex Daytona watch and $3600 in cash stolen.

"We met online and I offered her some money for spending time with her. She agreed and came to my hotel room. We had a couple Martinis, after which I passed out. I woke up to find my watch and wallet missing." - said the victim.

The second victim stated that the girl had a tattoo of a lion on her hip on the photo. These exact photos helped to arrest her.

The criminal is named Rosetta Voginton, a 25 year old girl who worked as a prostitute. She has now been charged with theft. It is believed that these men were not the one who had become the victims of this person.

The most interesting thing is that both men have families and came to Lag Vegas to solve some business matters. Most victims of the actions of such criminals do not go to the police, which means the criminals can get away with it. Be careful.
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