California retiree wins $900,000 jackpot


California resident Anette Rouse has managed to realize what many call the American dream. She was able to get rich quickly and on her hobby. Anette is 56 years old now, and according to her, she spent the last 20 years playing in the casino. In addition, Anette is seriously interested in poker and even entered the top 50 players in the World Series of Poker, WSOP.

Her relatives didn’t worry about her hobby, because she had never had much financial turmoil from the game in her life. According to Anette, she had accomplished everything she wanted to do, namely:

“I have become a confident woman who has fulfilled her destiny long ago. I have two grown-up children and they have decent jobs. My husband does not share my passion for gambling, he likes muscle cars and fishing more. That's why playing makes me feel alive. In the game everything depends on me and my luck”.

Despite being restrained in the gagambling (Anette does not make big stakes) - she still managed to become the owner of a huge fortune.

“So I decided to register at an online casino called Red Dog. I read the reviews and realized that the guys are fair game. And then I started playing there from time to time. I used mainly my laptop and the browser version for gamblig. I spent about 6 months in it. I have more good days than bad so I like spending time this way”.

What to choose: online or offline?

“Personally, I've been to almost every land-based casino in the United States. Some of them I like, they still have that luxurious atmosphere of the good-old days. Others I do not, as they are too modern and computerized. Now I've started to play online more and more often. It's convenient and easy. You are at home, in a comfortable bathrobe and spin the reels in the slots. You can make a few sandwiches so the game brings you more fun.”

How much exactly did you win and how long did you wait for it?

“I remember that night. I was at home with my husband. He was watching TV, and I decided to play. I won $250 on the first slot. On the other, I lost from $150 to $200. So I decided to make the stakes a bit higher.And that doesn’t really sound like me. I chose to bet $25 a spin and started spinning the reels. The first 20 minutes of the game wasn’t as I wanted it, ups and downs, and my bankroll did not go upHowever, there was another spin of the reels and I hit the progressive jackpot.

At first, I thought I had won $9,000. Then, as the amount kept increasing, I called my husband and told him that I had won $90000! But luckily I was wrong, and my total jackpot on this slot was $900,000! My excitement was unbridled and we started taking pictures and videos of my win right away!”

What happened next, Anette? Did you get your winnings?

“In about 15 minutes I was contacted by the representatives of the online casino. They congratulated me! It was explained to me that the entire amount at once can not be paid, but they can transfer $ 150,000 per month. “So be it” - thought I. Two months have passed and I have been paid $300,000. I think this is done so that I can start playing again and maybe get some of my winnings back to them. I play, of course, but at small stakes, so I plan to take the whole prize.”

How do you spend your money? What dreams do you want to come true?

“I like giving more than receiving. I will definitely give some of the money to my children. I want to buy my husband a new car, any one he chooses. Next, we plan to go to Italy, France, Spain, and live in five-star hotels. I will save some money for charity. And that’s all my plans for today.”

Well, that's very great, Anette, and we congratulate you on such a big win! To the other players, we wish you no doubts. Your luck is in your hands!

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We wish success and good luck to all players!