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Las Vegas thief that stole $82,000 watch

A man reported his Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch, valued at $37,000, missing to the police station. All he remembers of that unfortunate night is that he met a beautiful woman in a bar and had a drink with her. Then they went to his room, but there was no intimacy involved. The rest of the time the man was under the influence of powerful paralyzing drugs.

Facebook's $20,000,000 lawsuit from King's casino

Almost all Facebook users have seen online casino ads there at least once. Although Facebook continues to fight against illegal gambling establishments, it is not enough. One respected entrepreneur Leon Zukernik, who owns an ordinary casino ‘King's casino’, saw an advertisement for his casino on Facebook. Leon's surprise was boundless, because he has no online casino, but only a land-based casino.

California retiree wins $900,000 jackpot

California resident Anette Rouse has managed to realize what many call the American dream. She was able to get rich quickly and on her hobby. Anette is 56 years old now, and according to her, she spent the last 20 years playing in the casino. In addition, Anette is seriously interested in poker and even entered the top 50 players in the World Series of Poker, WSOP.

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