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European Roulette was the most popular game among the casino regulars for decades, along with such old-timers as poker and blackjack. For many years, roulette was available in online casinos only in a machine variant. No true gambler could be satisfied with a slot-like roulette surrogate. 

So we kept on visiting the ground-based houses. Everything has changed with the introduction of the live-streaming technology. Now, all table games could be played online and in real time. 

Modern live roulette, on one hand, is not different from the classic bricks-and-mortar casino one. It features the same wheel, the same layout and the same odds. On the other hand, now live casinos offer so many variants of roulette. Hard to believe this would have been possible in a real casino. 

There are speed, immersive, VIP, La Partage, American and many-many more roulettes. But the most popular among all of them is still the standard European roulette. 

What makes it so attractive to so many people all over the world? First, of course, is the house edge. European Roulette features one of the lowest house edges in the history of gambling. The odds are also great. 

Thanks to the standard layout with 36 black-and-white numbers and only one zero, the payouts are so generous, gamblers keep asking for more. Another perk is betting, it is extremely diverse and there are so many elaborate combinations, it’s hard to resist trying each one of them at least once. 

Live casinos guarantee you high-quality fair gambling experience. Games are streamed from different locations from all over the world. But it doesn’t matter where the stream comes from, the quality is the same. All the equipment is checked for bias. 

Dealers are the best in the industry: very experienced. But they are also friendly. You are always free to discuss the game with them at a live chat. 

How to play a live European roulette? First, you have to remember that live casino games are never available in fun mode. So to play, you have to register and have a funded casino account. If you already have it, then log in and enter the live casino section from the main page. Live casinos usually feature plenty of games, and most probably you would have several variants of roulette. So there is plenty to choose from. 

We strongly advise you to pay attention to the tables’ icons. There, you may find some essential information on the table limits and the type of the roulette you are about to play. So study it thoroughly not to find yourself at a table with the minimal limit of 1,000 when you have expected to start from smaller wagers. 

After you enter, you may choose the view of the table you like the best. Usually, there are up to three different views available, including the 3D and multi-camera view. It’s so comfortable when you are allowed to choose the angle. 

We personally prefer the one, when you can see the spinning and the grid at the same time. If you are not sure which view to pick, go for the auto option, which will pick the view that suits your Internet connection speed the best. 

If you are done with the view of the table, take a look at the table and the user’s interface. Usually you can view the table well, but you can’t place your bets on it. That’s what the betting grid is there for on the control panel. Most providers place the control panel at the bottom of the screen. 

There you can pick the chips, place bets, check history and the betting range. The betting ranges vary a lot, but they usually start from 1 credit and go all the way up to several grands. Now, when you know all this you can place your bet. It may be any bet you want: inside, outside or call one. Apart from the grid, there is also a racetrack available. The betting time is limited, so don’t waste it. As a rule, you won’t have more than a minute for betting. 

Then wait for the wheel to stop and see how much you have won. 

So will you like the live casino European roulette? Sure you will, if you like the European roulette. The game is identical to the ground-based casino European roulette. All you need is to get used to the interface and the pace of the game.

Take your time to pick the table and the dealer you like. Some houses even allow booking places and tables in advance, but usually this privilege is provided to the VIP punters only. 

Don’t rush and in no time you will become a regular here. By the way, some providers allow you to join several tables at the same time! We know, one can never get enough of a roulette, especially if it’s the cream-of-the-cream European roulette! 


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Date: 2021-02-20 11:59:26