Black Jack Live HD (Premium table)


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Platinum Experience

Can a regular Blackjack become even more attractive than usual? Sure, if you choose Platinum Table HD Blackjack. It combines the high quality HD streaming and the best card game in history. The layout and the visual of the ambiance are extremely attractive. 

Apart from regular stakes, there are plenty of extras to enjoy. They tend to be extremely profitable, by the way.

Live Blackjack Platinum Table is played at a seven-seat table with an 8-deck shoe. The game is rather simple: the banker deals each player, including himself, 2 cards. You can see your cards right away, but 1 of the dealer’s cards is hole. 

After you see your hand, you have to decide what to do next. As in any other blackjack game at this point you may either hit or stand. Also, you may split pairs or double down. 

When all players make up their minds, the dealer opens his face-down card and either hits or stands as well. The banker always stands at 17, remember. So then, the winners are declared and the next betting round begins. See, the Platinum Blackjack is just like any other blackjack, but there is one feature that makes it unique. Platinum tables are for the VIPs, mostly. 

The minimal wager at such a table varies, but it is rarely under $250. The tops might be up to $5,000.

Apart from the regular wagers, there are plenty of side bets at the Platinum Table Blackjack. One of the most popular blackjack side wagers is bet behind. Using it, you may bet on the result of a player at a table, if you are not taking part in the game. This bet is rarely used at the VIP tables, though. Another side wager is the ‘Perfect Pair.’ It's a bet that your first 2 cards will be a pair. 

There are several pair combinations and their payouts are also different. A mixed pair is worth 6:1, a colored pair pays 12:1, and a perfect pair is worth 25:1. The perfect pair is the combination of 2 cards identical in rank and in suit. ‘21+3’ is yet another great side wager. It pays if your 2 first cards and the banker’s face-up card make a poker combination. The payouts for different hands vary. 

You may always check them in the payout section. And finally, there is an ‘Insurance’ wager. It's a way to protect yourself in case the banker deals himself an Ace. The side wagers are displayed on the table like a separate icon, so no pop-up windows involved.

The player’s interface at live blackjack is actually rather intuitive. There you can customize the stream: pick the angle of the camera and volume. Also, there you will find the ‘Help’ section with the odds and the ‘History’ feature, where all your bets are saved. 

You can adjust the software regarding side bets in the ‘Settings.’ Just decide whether you want them displayed on the table or not. You may also ban betting behind yourself.

What’s more, the special feature on the interface allows you to make up your mind regarding your hand before it’s your turn. You may choose to hit, stand, split or double in advance, pressing the corresponding button. Another nice feature is ‘Deal Now.’ Use it if you play alone at the table, and you won't have to wait until the time for betting runs out. 

When you choose this feature, the betting clock runs to zero immediately, and the new hand starts. And if you are an easygoing punter who enjoys a little small talk with the banker or fellow gamblers, chat all you want in the ‘Chat’ room. The dealers are usually extremely welcoming and conversing with them is easy.

Looking for a perfect blackjack experience? Then Platinum Table is your best choice. There you can feel like at a bricks-and-mortar casino. Only 7 punters, no bet-behind crowd, higher wagers and payouts. 

Platinum Table has an air of exclusive, private game, when no one is breathing down your neck and you may immerse into the game completely and enjoy every moment of this experience. Having doubts? Don’t! It is the best blackjack experience you can get at a casino. 


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