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New World for a Spin

You know what, it’s hard to find an American roulette at a casino. It is not impossible, but complicated. Classic roulettes are much more common. They are also more popular among gamblers. How come? The answer is simple: it is all about the money! American roulette’s house edge is higher than in other roulettes. It's all because of the zeros. The wheel of an American roulette has two zeros: a single and a double. 

Thus, the wheel features 38 pockets, instead of classic 37. Also, the pockets are positioned in a slightly different order. Aside from that, the American and the classic rules are identical, and their bets are the same. But despite the odds, American roulette still has its fans. Those faithful devotees would look for it in every casino they visit.

Plenty live casinos have American roulettes. And whichever casino you choose, generally your experience would be just about the same. Of course, there are some slight differences. Some casinos prefer a classic design, while others take a chance with much more modern ambience. As for the table, it might feature a betting table and even a racetrack. Other casinos prefer tables with just a single wheel left on it. Both approaches have their point.

Usually, the tables with a full layout are popular among the fans of traditional approach. Though, it is sometimes hard to see the wheel and the spinning. Let alone to see in what pocket the ball lands. With a single wheel on the table, you always have a closeup view of it. 

One more feature common to all live casinos is the user’s interface. That is how you bet at live casinos. It is usually placed at the bottom of the screen not to blur the view of the wheel and the dealer. There you may see the betting grid, the racetrack if it is included, and there you will find the chips. Betting live is pretty much just like betting in a land-based casino or in a roulette machine. 

At a live casino you usually place the bets not on the table, as it is physically impossible, instead, you use the interactive betting grid on your interface. Apart from the betting grid, there is usually a racetrack for making French and neighbor bets. So you have plenty of bets to choose from. So the drill is the same: choose the value of the chips, decide on your bet, place it and wait for a spin. 

Remember, betting is limited in time. You will see the countdown till the next spin on the screen. Usually, the betting time is limited to about 20 seconds. 

But the interface is not only for betting. Apart from this principal function, there, you can find some basic settings like the volume of the dealer’s voice, payout tables, odds, table limits and statistics. Most roulettes allow you to memorize several bets you like the best for easy access. Also, usually, there are buttons like re-bet, remove and double placed right in the middle of the interface, as those are used extremely often. 

Another awesome feature you may use is the game history, there you will see all the bets you have made during the game. 

In case you need help, you may address the dealer or the pit boss. There is a live chat feature available on all modern roulette interfaces. 

Modern live casinos are a dream come true. Playing there is just like playing in any other land-based casino. Only you don’t have to drive anywhere. Judging from the modern gambling regulations for the land-based casino, you would probably have to drive far. Instead, just pour yourself a drink and enjoy every spin. 

If you are an on-the-go person you would love live casinos. Modern live casino interfaces are so sophisticated, you may easily spin live from any mobile device of your choice. So pick your device, your game, and give it a go!


very convenient that you can play from your mobile phone!
Date: 2021-02-25 17:09:35