Big Square System


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Big square Strategy

The Big Square roulette strategy is based on the assumption that every game has some hot numbers. Betting on them would give you more chances to win. It’s not an original idea! Most strategies work this way. Their goal is to predict the result of the game using the probability theory. But the Big Square is different. 

Mainly because usually, gamblers are advised to wager on events with higher probability, as they are not so risky. But some strategies, like the Big Square, were designed especially for players with a more dynamic gambling style. Aggressive strategies usually involve straight up betting. Let’s try to figure the Big Square out!

How to use the Big Square strategy?

Big Square strategy works fine for gamblers who enjoy playing fast and prefer more risky stakes with higher coefficients. We wouldn’t recommend it to the beginners, though. It may be way too risky for the newbies. Especially if they have just got acquainted with roulette and its basic rules. To use the Big Square strategy successfully, you have to understand the rules of the game well. You also have to have good self-control and follow the rules of the strategy precisely. 

Statistics show that the average duration of a roulette game is approximately 40 minutes. And the profit made during this time is worth about 30 chips. Thу Big Square strategy shows good results in about 70% of the games.

The first stage of the Big Square strategy game is analysis. You have to get the results of 24 consecutive spins. You may either wait them out, without making a bet, or you may look the results up in the history section in the settings. Afterwards, write the results down. Then study the statistics and highlight the numbers that were hit twice. 

There should be from 3 to 7 numbers, otherwise the strategy wouldn’t work successfully. If you couldn’t single out the necessary amount of numbers, then you have to get the statistics of 24 more spins. Once again, use the statistics or wait them out, until you get the required number of results. 

Afterwards the second stage comes. It’s when you place one-chip worth bets on all the selected numbers. You have to repeat these bets several spins. The exact number depends on how many numbers you have singled out. If you bet on three numbers, repeat the bet 12 spins. For 4 numbers, you will have to repeat your bets for 9 spins. If you bet on 5 numbers, you repeat your bets 7 spins. 

In case you bet on 6 numbers, you repeat them for 6 spins. And if you bet on 7 numbers, you repeat the bets for 5 spins. Remember, you repeat your bets exactly as they were. You can change neither the number of bets nor the stakes. You bet on the numbers singled out during the analysis stage, and wager no more than one coin per each. 

How to win at roulette: Strategy for experienced gamblers

If either of your bets win, your gambling session goes on, only you will have to change the number of spins. As you will have fewer numbers for betting, the number of spins will change according to the table. That’s the third stage of the game. 

Let’s take an example of one Big Square session. If during the analysis stage you have singled out only 2 repeated numbers out of 24 hot numbers from previous spins, then the result doesn’t meet the conditions of the strategy and you would have to either wait 24 more spins to collect further data, or you would have to take into consideration the results of 24 more spins that had been made earlier. 

Let’s say during the second session, you had 5 numbers that were hit twice. For example, numbers 3, 12, 14, 22, 27. So you place a one-chip bet on each of the numbers, and your Big Square gambling session begins. As you have 5 numbers, your number of allowed spins would be 7. If neither of your numbers win during the 7-spin session, then you repeat the entire strategic procedure from the very beginning, starting from the analysis. 

But if one of your numbers won during, let’s say, the third spin, you cross this number out of the sequence and go on repeating your bets, but the total number of spins will change. Say, if number 12 has won, so you will have only numbers 3, 14, 22 and 27 left. The total number of spins will be 9, as this number of spins is allowed for 4 numbers. The session goes on until the last stage, when you will have only 3 numbers and 12 spins left.

What are the main features of the Big Square roulette strategy? 

First and foremost, it is strongly not recommended to newbies. Also, use it carefully if your bankroll is limited. You have to have at least $152 to start the Big Square session. Losing that money shouldn’t cause irreparable damage to your total bankroll. Remember, the Big Square strategy is no different from any other gambling strategy: it can’t guarantee you a 100% win, but it increases your chances. 

There are several spin-offs of the Big Square strategy. 

The main difference between them is in the number of spins you have left after the first win. In the classic version of the strategy, you need to cross out the number that has won and play on with fewer numbers. In this case, the number of spins is determined just like for the previous round. You count the number of bets, and look the number of spins allowed for them up in the table.

The algorithm of the Big Square’s second variant is about the same. There is only one major difference. It is in how you determine the number of spins after the win. This time, you look it up in the table, and afterwards subtract an X from it. 

Where the X is the number of the winning spin. For example, you had 5 numbers for betting and you have won on the third spin. In this case, you will have 4 numbers for betting left. According to the table, you need to make 9 more spins, but this time you subtract 3 from 9 and thus you end up with only 6 spins left after the win. 

According to the third version of the original Big Square strategy, there is only one round in the session. And you don’t have to recalculate the number of spins after the win. It means that when you originally single out 5 numbers you get 7 spins. Even if you win at the third spin, you will have 4 spins left. And that’s it — end of story. All the variants look legit, but experienced gamblers prefer using the first, original version of the Big square strategy, though.

Summing up. 

This strategy works well for experienced gamblers. Who knows the game well and can follow the strategy regardless of the results. But you have to remember, even though the Big Square shows excellent results, it can’t guarantee your win.


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