AMS Roulette: small bankroll strategy


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AMS Roulette: a small bankroll strategy

When you choose a roulette strategy, it's better you check your bankroll first. The smaller your bankroll is, the fewer efficient systems you can use. Almost all systems advise you to raise a bet if you lose. Thus, the player has the opportunity to cover the losses with a win from the next spin. 

But if you hit a series of no-win spins, this bet increase may become extremely significant. Not many punters can afford to invest a big chunk of their bankroll into such a venture. However, there are systems that do not require huge investments. Among them is a strategy called AMS, it's cheap and promises the biggest wins. 

AMS strategy know-how

While playing the AMS-based game, you may change bets in two ways. The first way is for losing spins, and the second one is for winning spins. This method seems to be so confusing, most punters refuse using it outright. It really takes some time to study thoroughly the AMS system, and master it. How much time it will take depends mainly on your roulette skills. 

Experienced players will get it in a jiffy. You may use demo play to practice AMS. It's convenient and cheap, as you spend no real cash there. So, AMS is a strategy with progressive betting.

For starters, make sure your bankroll is big enough for 30 bets. Compared to other strategies, this limit is very low. During a winning streak, you raise as follows: 1-1-2-2-4. Stick to the scheme and don't raise sooner, as any deviation from this sequence may cause difficulties if you lose.

How do you change the bet using AMS strategy?

If you hit a series of winning spins, your bets change as follows: 1-1-2-2-4. We advise to start the game with minimal bets, but this remains at your discretion as a player and depends only on the size of your bankroll. If you win 5 spins in a row, and thus your sequence is over, you go on betting 4 chips until the first loss. 

That's when the game is over. If you win several times in a row, it's better to stop the game while you are making a profit. However, you may continue the game at your own risk. No strategy can ever guarantee you will win all the time. 

How to bet if you lose? 

If you lose the first spin, there is nothing easier. You just restart the 1-1-2-2-4 sequence. It takes five spins to complete. If you lost all five spins, start the sequence over again with the minimal wager of one chip. But if you win one of those spins, you do as follows: 

  • if you hit the win on the 5th or on the 4th spins, repeat the stage three bet; 
  • if you have won on the 3rd or on the 2nd spins, repeat the stage one bet. 

But if your first spin was successful, and you lost on one of the following spins, then you should bet as follows: 

  • if you lost on the 4th, 5th or 6th spin, bet 3 chips in the next spin;
  • if you lost in the 2nd or 3rd spins, bet 1 chip in the following spin. 

How to use AMS? 

This strategy cannot guarantee you win all the time, but it can significantly increase your chances to win if used correctly. To master the AMS strategy without risking your bankroll much, try using the fun-play mode. Also, it might be helpful to take notes during the game. That will help you keep track of your balance. We urge you to decide what you are going to do if you lose or win several spins in a row before the game starts. 

From our experience, it's better to stop playing after you win five consecutive spins. In case you lose several spins in a row, remember what limit have you set and don't max it out. That's what we call responsible gambling. We advise you to set yourself a goal before the game starts. To figure out how much you want to win in this game. 

When you reach this number, leave the game. Newbies may venture earning $5-10. We don't recommend anything bigger than that, though. Going after some chunky win, you might end up loosing a big part of your bankroll. 

The verdict

The AMS strategy is good for gamblers with limited bankrolls or for those who simply do not want to risk making high bets. It's a relatively safe system, because it will take many spins to lose a serious amount. To master the AMS system, better use the demo mode. Almost any roulette machine has one. 

Thus, you won't risk real cash until you are ready for it. Despite all its advantages, the AMS strategy does not show the desired result most of the time. You probably will win more often than lose, but there is no guarantee your wins would be great. You may test this strategy in demo mode or with small bets, but we doubt AMS worth using it regularly. 


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