Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy only applies to any data collected from the site’s users, that is used, maintained or/and disclosed by this website. 

Personal Information

Users’ personal information may be collected by the site in the following ways, but not limited to them: when a user enters the site, at registration or while placing an order. The site may also collect data related to any kinds or activities, services, resources or/and features available on the website. 

The site allows no anonymous visits. Any personal information is collected and/or maintained only after the user voluntarily submits it to the website. Any user is free to refuse to disclose any personal information to the site. In such cases this user may be denied access or usage of certain services or activities provided by the site. 

Non-personal Information

Non-personal information may be collected by the site during any kind of the user’s interaction with its services or/and activities. Such information includes, but not limited to, the browser type, the computer type, the software provider, the operating system, the internet service provider, etc. 

Web Browser Cookies

The website uses “cookies” for user’s convenience and solely in order to enrich and enhance user’s experience from the site. The “cookies” are kept on the hard drives of the user’s computer in order to track and record the information. 

The way “cookies” are used highly depends on the type of the browser. Most browsers provide their users with settings allowing to refuse cookies and alert the user if they are sent. Keep in mind, that some parts of the site and/or its services you will be unable to use without agreeing to the “cookies”. 

The Use of Collected Information

The personal data collected and/or maintained by the site may be used in one of the following ways: to improve customers support and service, to provide the users with the most personalized experience, to learn more about users interaction with the site’s interface, to improve the website’s work and/or services with the help of the feedback from the users, to share the information with third-parties for marketing or suchlike purposes, to run a contest or a promotion event or in a survey, to make commercial offers, newsletters of information notices we send to our users more personalized. A user should first agree to receive such bulletins.

Data Protection

Our website guarantees safety of the collected data. It implements the proper ways of the data collection, storage and conservation. The site features unprecedented security measures to protect the information from unauthorized access, violation, disclosure or destruction. 

Third Party Websites

The third party websites, links to which are provided on the site, are not in any way regulated by our website. We have no control over the content, services or practices of the sites related to our partners, suppliers, providers, advertisers, sponsors or/and licensors. 

These sites feature their own privacy and customer service policies, which are not related to the privacy and customer services of this website. Each time you leave our site to access the third-party website, you are bound by law to that third-party website’s terms and conditions. 

Advertising policy

Advertisements from this website’s partners may be implemented with “cookies”. The “cookies” collect non-personal information about a user and about anyone using the user’s computer in order to deliver personalized, targeted commercial offers. Please, revise the “cookies” policy in the paragraph above. The use of such cookies is not covered by the privacy policy.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

The website’s Privacy Policy is subject to change at any time. After the change, the date at the bottom of this page is updated. Check this page frequently to stay informed of any possible changes or alterations. All the changes are effective after being posted here. 

You agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy by continuing accessing the site and using it or its contents whether in whole or partially. 

Accepting The Terms

By accessing and using this site you thus consent to the collection, maintenance and usage of the aforementioned information. It also signifies your acceptance and compliance with this policy and any possible changes in it hereafter. 

Contacting Us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the Contact form below or write to:

Last updated on November 16th, 2020