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The House of the Rising Fun

Sure, we are all hard-core gamblers here, but don't you enjoy playing for fun now and then? No strings attached kind of leisure spinning! Guess we all do it sometimes, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Well, now you have a chance to play for fun and it will be absolutely free. That is what social casinos are all about. 

We doubt you have never heard of social casinos. But if you didn’t, social casinos are just like regular online houses. Their lobbies are full of different games: slots, table games, and other titles. There is only one difference: at a social casino you can’t gamble. 

There is no real money play, and you play on virtual money only. Basically, it’s a place where you play for fun only, with no chance to cash out your winnings. 

The games at a social casino look like the regular ones, but in fact they are often a bit different, gameplay-wise. As the main objective of a social house is to play for fun with your friends, most social games are much more interactive than usual casino machines. 

House of Fun is a typical social casino. Its lobby offers over 200 titles to choose from. Not as impressive as it might be, but among those 200 you will definitely find something you would enjoy. All the games in the house are slots. 

That’s a bummer, truly. But they are all by the one and only Playtika. Thus, the quality of the soft is out of the question: they are awesome and trustworthy. Among them there are plenty of Egyptian themed slots, fairy tales’ machines, and even Vegas-inspired titles, along with quite a number of progressives.

Registration at the casino is much easier than at a regular online house. Standard online casino entry form requires you to share your personal data along with some banking information, which has to be verified, of course. There is nothing like this at the House of Fun. 

Here all you need is your email address and a password. To make the process even easier, you may log in to the casino using your Facebook account. If you worry about auto posting, you are free to use your Facebook and casino accounts separately. But auto posting is not the thing at the House of Fun. 

As there is no gamble at the House of Fun, you don’t have to deposit and can’t withdraw your winnings from it. Probably you wonder what you will play on. Fair question. Every new player is welcomed at the House of Fun by a nice giveaway. After you register, you pick either 1,000 free coins or 100 free spins. 

The toughest choice ever. The coins are called Freebies. They are the virtual casino cash. The only currency allowed at the House of Fun. A thousand doesn’t seem like a lot. Frankly, it isn’t. It’s one of the stingiest welcome deals we have ever seen. But when you spend all welcome coins, how can you get more cash for your play? 

The coolest thing about it is that you don’t have to buy it. You just win it playing or get it as a gift. Every day the house holds several giveaways you can profit from. All you need is to follow the casino news on Facebook or Instagram to get your share of free cash. Also, you may receive Freebies as a gift from our friends.

So what are the pros and the cons of the House of Fun? This social house is a treat, actually. We enjoyed the selection of games, their quality and design. Though we really missed table games. It would have been much more fun with them. But that’s us, for many people having slots are more than enough. 

We loved the Freebies giveaways. You can get plenty of those daily. But the welcome offer is a bit tight. The House of Fun’s community is huge. Their Facebook crowd is really impressive. There you can always find some free cash, a piece of advice, and plenty of yummy offers. 

Another awesome thing is the mobile app. It's of superb quality and the choice of games there is really impressive. Consider the hits and misses, or better just join us at the House of Fun! The only place where fun is taken so darn serious! 


today I have a day off, I will play roulette in this casino all day
Date: 2021-02-19 15:40:14