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Double the Fun!

Guess nowadays no one is surprised by social casinos anymore. Those are the houses where you play for fun, unlike any regular online casino. Usually social houses offer plenty of games and deals, just like gambling casinos do. There is only one thing you can’t do at a social casino, you won’t be allowed to cash your wins out. All the above is true for the Double U house. 

To join the casino, you have to register. Here the registration is lightning fast and not so strict as in a regular house. You may choose to log in using your Facebook account. Or you are free to join in using your email. You won't be obliged to merge your account with the FB page, though it might be rather profitable. 

What is there waiting for you at the Double U casino? First, you have to remember that it is a social casino. Thus, it offers you a completely new experience in playing. At DUC, you find yourself a part of an interactive feature, the Vegas Strip. When you log in, you find yourself in the middle of Las Vegas. 

You pick your avatar and choose where to gamble, what house to go to, what bar to visit. Just like in real life. There are several casino lobbies, like Men’s or Ladies’, High Rollers’ or Low Rollers’ ones, etc. The longer you play at DUC, the more points you earn, thus moving up the game level. 

There is another loading mode you may use as an alternative, if you don’t feel like walking through Vegas and just want to start spinning right away. It is called the quick start. Pick whichever mode you prefer: the first one is fun, the other one is cut to the chase. 

So the games at the DUC are mainly slots. The classic Vegas kind of playing. Their choice is quite impressive: over 200 titles to pick from. For a medium size casino like DUC, it’s a very decent lobby. As for themes and types of machines, they are extremely diverse. 

Now it’s getting close to Halloween, so there are plenty of spooky machines that are labeled as hot at the lobby. Apart from the slots, you may also enjoy several table game machines. So you may play Keno or Baccarat or a good game of poker. What we liked about the DUC is that they are very helpful. 

Each game, whether it is a slot or a table game, comes with a thorough ‘How to’ attached to it. So if you have no idea how to play Texas Hold’em or Blackjack, you will be told and shown how to you in detail. There is a great section with videos on how to make bets and what the game is generally about attached to every game at the lobby. 

As there is no money to play on how do you bet at Double U Casino? At DUC, you play on free chips. There are several ways to get those to go on with your playing. The first free chips giveaway you get when you join the house. Every new player is welcomed with a mil coins here. 

Quite a generous welcome offer, if you ask us! Another way to get coins is from Facebook promotions. The casino has a wonderful casino fans’ page and a special page for promos. Follow them and get your share of coins daily or hourly. The third option is to earn the free chips. 

There are plenty of promo offers you may participate in: watch an ads video, take part in a survey or follow some promo page. Another way is to advertise the house by posting the casino’s adverts on your Twitter, Facebook page and suchlike. For instance, you get $50,000 chips every time you invite a friend to join the club. There is one more way to get more chips: you may receive them as gifts.

There are three possible gifting options at the Double U Casino: Golden Egg, Scratch and Win, and Slot of Fortune. And lastly, every game in the house contains in-play bonuses. So you may get bonuses casually while playing. And of course there is the last alternative, you may simply buy the chips. At DUC, you may pick a package of Freebies, pay for it using any method you prefer, and keep on playing. 

DUC offers plenty of bonus deals. Daily Stamp is one of those. It’s a multistep bonus feature, which takes a week to complete. Basically, what you do is log in daily and wager the required bet in return for free spins. Another bonus is the Lucky Wheel. 

The higher your rank is, the more often you will be able to spin the wheel. Each section of it is loaded with perks. There you can get the Wheel bonus, which is usually the highest prize of the feature. The Level bonus is lower but still yummy. Also, some wins are not for you but for your friend. 

So if you hit a certain sector, you would win a prize to share with someone else. Another deal is the Lottery where you may win plenty of coin prizes. Actually, sharing is very much encouraged at DUC. At Lucky Wheel, sharing doubles the reward, for instance. And if you share your success and wins on your FB page, you will definitely get some extra free chips as a gift. Also, Fun Pages on Facebook are the best resource if you are after some bonus features. You may follow them to get the best deals first. 

DUC also has a great VIP and Premium loyalty programs, which you are free to join. To get a Premium status, just spend at least $39 of Freebies. VIP membership is granted to anyone who has spent over $499 of buying chips at the casino. 

If you are tired of way too serious real casino games and up to some fun, a social casino might be a good getaway. Less pressure, more interactive features, and plenty of fun you may share with everyone you like. Is it worth it? See for yourself and join in. 


in this casino, I like the machine with monkeys the most))
Date: 2021-02-19 15:37:32