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Bingo Blitz 75 Ball Fun! 

As gamblers, we have probably seen a lot: plenty of slots, dozens of table games, many houses and endless bonus perks. It’s hard to surprise someone with such sophisticated online gambling experience. But we will try anyhow. Today we are going to talk about Bingo Blitz. Be advised, it may amaze you beyond measure. 

Bingo Blitz is yet one more social casino that turns social networks into instant houses. Are social casinos worth it? Well, it is only up to you to decide. Some hard-core gamblers resent fun-play-only entertainment. We look at social casinos as at getaways. 

Some place peaceful, soothing and fun where you can regain your forces for some serious gambling. There are players who visit them casually and have some wonderful time there. Probably, everything depends on what you are hoping to get from them. It won't be money, that’s for sure, but there are plenty of things to gain if you look past the cash! 

Bingo Blitz is all about bingo games. The house claims to be the best place to go to for the best bingo experience, and we tend to believe it is true. Bingo Blitz has been around from 2010 so its 10 years of experience speak for themselves. 

The design of the house is truly fantastic: the graphics are colorful and rather cartoonish, but not in the annoying way. It’s like you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a comic book. We loved that sensation of something fun and joyous coming our way the site promotes. 

To join Bingo Blitz you may either use your Facebook account or your email. Both ways are equally easy to use, and fast. 

Playing at a social casino requires no initial deposit. Cash is less important here than in a regular house where you won't be allowed to do anything prior to making an installment. Here you may enjoy several bingo games absolutely free for as long as you want. 

Bingo Blitz offers 4 free bingo rooms, each designed with one great city in mind. Thus, we get New York, Sydney, London and Paris bingo rooms. The rest of the games you need to pay for. But what with, you might wonder. Don’t worry, all you need is some Freebies. The only way to get them is to earn them while playing at Bingo Blitz or participating in promos introduced by the house. 

Bingo Blitz offers you bonuses, free spins and Freebies gifts daily. You may also win some free chips after you complete a bingo round. If you complete a bingo room, the reward will be even greater. Apart from the rooms, there are also bingo quests and maps. After you have completed any of those, you will get a reward in free chips. Mini-games offer you a chance to win more Freebies as well. And finally you may always buy some free chips if you wish to. 

If you are looking for more fun, and the rooms available don't seem enough for you, Bingo Blitz is ready to offer more. Check out their seasonal rooms. Those are temporary and change all the time. Some of them are free, others aren’t. 

But all of them come with nifty bonus perks and some nice collectable shadow cards to add to your personal collections. Right now there are four seasonal rooms available: the Road trip, Head over Heels, Camping Buds and pirate-themed Blitzy’s Riches. No matter what room or what mini-game you choose, their quality would be spectacular as all the soft at Bingo Blitz is by Playtika. 

Bingo Blitz offers you a truly social gaming experience. Their Facebook community is huge. We bet you have never thought there are so many bingo fans around! Following their FB page might be a great idea, as there you have a chance to learn about new promos and giveaways first. There are also YouTube, Twitter and Instagram Bingo Blitz pages you might find interesting. 

Bingo Blitz is certainly a great place to play, whether you are into bingo or not yet. It doesn’t matter what brings you here. Maybe you are a bingo fan who wants to practice his skills for free? Then go ahead. Or maybe you are a newbie who is a bit nervous because of the lack of experience? 

Then you will certainly find Bingo Blitz helpful, as here you may play without risking any money whatsoever. Or maybe you just feel like playing some bingo for fun with your friends? It doesn’t matter why you came to Bingo Blitz. It’s an all-rounder casino with a pleasant atmosphere and plenty of fun. Enjoy it on your own or share with some pals, the more the better! That’s what Bingo Blitz is all about! 


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