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The Biggest Fish to Fry!

Don’t you think we are being way too serious about gambling? Take any online house: it’s not about the games, but their volatility instead, it’s not about the excitement of a win, it’s more about how fast do I get a cashout, it’s not about promos and gifts, it’s more about the playthrough you would have to meet. 

Like we have forgotten that gambling primarily is about fun! Well, you know what, there is a place to recall this simple truth. Today, we are going to tell you all about The Big Fish Casino, a nice place to be if you understand the true spirit of playing!

The Big Fish is a social casino with the headquarters based in the state of Washington. It went online in 2002, so there is plenty of experience we are talking about here. The first thing you have to understand, when it comes to The Big Fish, is that it is a social casino. 

It’s the place where community spirit comes first. It is a place where gamblers from all over the world may come together, hang out and have fun spinning a game or two. To join this community, all you need is to register and confirm your email address. 

There is no need to fill in an extensive registration form full of personal as well as banking details. Here, all it takes is an email address and a password. After, just confirm the address and that’s it. Some games don’t even require a registration. Just spin all you want.

What games are there and where can you play? Oh my, glad you asked. As the answer is: more than you dare to imagine, and everywhere. But first things first, you may play The Big Fish everywhere. Period. You may use a PC client, online access or mobile app. 

The Big Fish offers different lobbies for Mac and other PC technologies. There are two different apps for iOS and Android. Finally, you may play the Big Fish games on Facebook. Just find the game in the games’ lobby and go for it. 

You may even invite your friends to join you by organizing your personal tournament or a private casino group. The games are different depending on how you prefer to play. In the online lobby you will have 3,500 different games. Mobile apps feature up to 450 titles. 

What games are those? The choice is spectacular: plenty of slot machines, classic table games, word games, brainteasers and many many more.To get a taste of it, just find the Big Fish games on Facebook and play all you want. You don't even have to register. 

If all the gaming is for fun, there is no need to make a real money deposit as soon as you sign up. Instead, you will be given free 100,000 casino virtual chips to play on. What’s more, there are plenty of bonuses and giveaways to keep the casino coins on your account topped up. So, where is the catch, you wonder? 

First, you need to remember, not all games are free to play at The Big Fish. There is a section of free games, true, but it is rather limited. Also, those games usually have bugs and require constant upgrading to avoid them. Upgrading is possible for only a few games, and it takes some time to achieve. 

If you are impatient, just buy the upgrade. But nevertheless, the free games are free and you may play them endlessly upgrading to get new gameplays and other perks along the way. 

What if you need more games? Then you buy them. Most of the games at The Big Fish are actually bought. You may either buy each game individually or you may join the club and buy a membership. The Big Fish membership is pretty much like everywhere else. 

The idea is you pay a monthly fee of $6.99 and get some perks for that. Each monthly payment credits you one Big Fish credit you may use for buying games. Being a member of the club also gives you a 30% discount on buying new games and on in-game purchases. Another perk is that you are given a Monthly Punch Card. Using it, you may get one game a month for free. Don’t feel like waiting? 

Get a game of the day for just $2.99 daily. You can’t do it with your membership. Also, if you are a member, you will have a chance to try a new game the day before it hits the casino floor for everybody else, and there is a chance for you to use a Beta Program. 

The Beta Program access is a real treat, as you get to test a new game before it is even finished. All you need to do is play the pre-release version of the games and give the feedback on your experience. 

How to buy more perks at The Big Fish? You just need to buy some credits. There are plenty of options available. First, we have already mentioned the membership that gives you a credit per month. This credit is enough for one regular game. If you wish to buy an Editor’s Choice game, it will be worth at least two credits. 

There are of course, sales and special offers: like 2 games for the price of 1 or a bundle of games with a discount. But if you need more than one credit per month, you are free to buy as many pre-paid credits as you wish to. 

To buy credits, just log in and visit our account page. There you can choose a banking method that suits you the best. Usually you may pick from: 

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • MasterCard
  • Discover Card
  • Diners Club (US residents only)
  • JCB
  • SEPA
  • Switch/Maestro
  • PayPal

Just keep in mind that you won’t be able to exchange your credits for real cash and withdraw them. All credits stay inside. All you can do is to buy more games with them or share them with your friends, family members or any other people you like. To share, buy a gift certificate and send it to someone you want to surprise. 

So is The Big Fish worth it? Sure it does! We are totally crazy about their easy-going atmosphere and friendly gambling society. The games are perfect: enticing and of great quality. The support and the FAQ sections are above all expectations. 

Also, there is a great forum where you can address your fellow players and get a reply ASAP. But if you are a hard-core gambler who enjoys cash wins, The Big Fish is not up your alley. Remember, fun play only!


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