Three Card Poker


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Takes Three to Gamble

Three Card Poker is yet another modification of the classic poker. It was designed in the 90s and originally was created to make a table game similar to poker, but with a much faster pace. So Three Card is a simplified poker. Here you play one-on-one with the dealer. Each hand has only 3 cards. You are not allowed to draw or bluff here. Thus, the gameplay is lightning fast.

To play, first make an obligatory Ante bet. The chips values go from 0.1 to 100 credits. Pick the value you like and place the 1st bet. Also, you can go for one additional bet, ‘Pair Plus’. This one is not obligatory, but it raises the odds. The Ante bet may be as low as you want, but not lower than the table limit. The Pair Plus bet doesn’t have to be identical to the Ante, you may make it as big or as low as you want.

Then you finally get the cards. Yours you see immediately, but the dealer’s hand you can't see right away. Now, it is time to decide whether to play or to fold. Folding is done when you see no potential in your hand whatsoever. After folding, you lose all your wagers. If you play, then you are obliged to put the 3rd wager on the ‘Play’ betting spot. The Play bet is identical to the Ante. Afterwards, the cards are opened and you can compare them. If you win, you get paid. Check the payouts at the paytable.

There are actually 2 paytables: the 1st is for the ante and the 2nd is for the pair plus bets. Ante pays only 3 hands: Straight Flush (5:1), Three of a kind (4:1) and Straight (1:1.) At the pair plus paytable, there are 5 hands. 3 of them are Straight Flush, Three of a kind and a Flush as well. But the odds are much higher. The Straight Flush is paid 40:1. Three of a kind is paid 30:1. And the Straight payout is 6:1. The 2 hands that are left are the Pair and the Flush. One Pair has the lowest odds of 1:1, and the Flush's payout is worth 4:1.

Remember, you can't draw the cards and the game features no wilds. But you may win even without a combo when the dealer doesn't qualify. In other words, it has no Queen or any higher card. If neither of you have a hand, you may win with a higher card. Then you get your wager pushed back to you.

The Three Card Poker machine is a child's play to use. Even if you never played poker before, you will understand the betting drill and the payouts in a jiffy. Plenty of pop-up tips and advice are there to give you a hint. This machine is clearly aimed at newbies. The screen is the green-felted classic table. There are 3 spots for placing bets: the central one is for the ‘Ante,’ and the ‘Pair Plus’ and the ‘Play’ are on its sides. 

The cards are dealt right below them. At the bottom of the screen lay the chips. There are 2 more control buttons: one is for discarding the played cards and the other one is for discarding the cards along with the Ante. Right next to the ‘Clear’ buttons, there are ‘Deal’, ‘Play’ and ‘Fold’ knobs. Guess it's pretty self-explanatory what those are for.

As you can see, the gameplay is pretty basic, and the rules thought borrowed from poker are much more simplified. Say, you enjoy poker but it is way too long for you, then take a chance at Three Cards Poker. It is very high paced. Newbies would also enjoy the game. The winning combinations are identical, but shorter. And shorter hands are easier to deal with than the original combos. 

Also, there are fewer hands and thus you will memorize them faster. Actually, we recommend this game to the newbies. Especially if you have just started and are having hard times figuring out the hands and how they work. At Three Card Poker it would take less time, trust us. Practice and in no time you’ll get yourself ready for a grown-up 5-card poker extravaganza.


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Date: 2021-02-20 11:39:30