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High Off the High or Low

Don’t you feel like you need some rest every now and then? If you are an experienced gambler, it might be hard for you to rest at a casino. Any game is a challenge and you can’t help but try to win at all costs. Almost all games come with elaborate strategies and systems you can use to maximize your chances to win. But today we’ll talk about a game which is as simple as it may be: High or Low. Trust us, it’s the perfect recreation. 

High or Low is simple if not primitive. The main idea of the game is to guess the rank of the card that is placed face down on the felt in front of you. You have to guess whether its value is high or low. Low cards are those from a deuce to the 7. The high cards are from the 8 to the King. There is also an Ace in the deck. But the Ace has a unique quality of being both high and low. 

So, basically, the Ace wins any time you hit it. If you win, you get paid, if your guess is wrong, you lose your money. And that is it! Can you imagine anything more simple than that? Doubt that!

How to play High or Low? Well, nothing is easier! First, you have to decide on the bet. There are chips of different values. They may be worth 1, 5, 10, 25 or 100 credits. Then you make a bet. After, you have to choose what the rank of the hole card will be and then you press either High or Low arrows on its sides. After your choice is made the card is opened so you can check if you were right or wrong. If you win, your bet gets doubled. If not, you lose the money. 

As for the design and the user’s interface of the game, it is also pretty basic. There is a green-felted classic casino table on the screen with a single card laying on it. On both sides of the card, there are two arrows. The one pointing up is the High arrow, and the other one that is pointed down is the Low arrow. Some details are added to make this ambiance look more like a casino table game. 

There is a stack of chips on one side of the table. The user's interface is pretty simple as well. At the bottom of the screen, there are several chips to choose your bet from. Just press on the chip with the value of your choice to stake it. You may stake several chips of different values if you want to. 

Right underneath the chips there is a widget with your balance. Next to it are two buttons. One is ‘Clear bet’. It allows you to cancel the bet you have made. The other one is ‘Give up’. Press it if you feel like exiting the game. It will allow you to save your current winnings and leave the game. Another great feature to use is the ‘All in!’ Press this button if you feel lucky to bet all your money at once. 

If you enjoy staying serious, even in a fun game like this one, check the statistics box in the upper left corner of the screen. There you will find all the information on how many guesses were taken, how many low and high cards were hit, and how many of them you have guessed. Not sure if someone needs such elaborate statistics. The machine is purely entertaining, at least as we see it. 

The game itself is way too simple for any strategic approach. Any card game is a gambling adventure. There are plenty of rules, tricks and planning involved. But High or Low is different. It’s all about entertainment. Just relax, have some fun and let the odds be in your favor.


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Date: 2021-02-20 11:38:59