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Wild Deuce Chase

What’s the most popular card game anywhere on Earth? The answer is obvious: poker. My dear blackjack fans, no offense meant and hope none will be taken. We all know how unbelievably cool BJ is. But when talking to newbies or people who never play casino games, we come to a conclusion that they have no idea about BJ. But they do know poker. Well, everyone knows poker. Today, we’ll take a look at the Deuces Wild. It is a variant of this divine game, where the deuces play the main role. 

So what’s so special about Deuces Wild? It’s pretty much like any other poker game. The main idea is to hit a combination of cards and get paid for it. The idea is simple, but you have to at least memorize those combinations. It might seem challenging if you never played poker before, though.

At Deuces Wild, the combos are basically identical to traditional poker ones. There is only one trick. At Deuces Wild the Deuce may take place of any other card in a combo. So some combos come in two variants: the original one and the one with deuce substitute. For example, there is a standard Royal flush and the one with a deuce substitute. Also, a very peculiar combo called Five of a kind, which is basically the four of a kind and a deuce. 

Another authentic combo is the four deuces. It is what it sounds like: four deuces. Don't worry, you don't have to memorize all of those. There is a list of combos and payouts on the main screen of the game, right above the cards.

Playing Deuces Wild, you have to first make a bet. Use ‘+’ and ‘-’ icons at the bottom of the screen to adjust the wager. Your wager may go from 0.20 to 5.00 credits. But the betting system is not that simple at Deuces Wild. There are 5 levels of betting. So when you choose the stake, you may choose to bet it once, twice, or up to five times. Thus, if your stake is 1.00 credit, by betting it five times you actually bet 5.00 credits. The payouts vary depending on the level at which you are betting.

After the bet is placed, the cards are dealt. To deal the cards, simply press on the Deal button in the lower right corner of the screen. The five cards before you will open. Then, you would have to decide which cards may be held and which you have to replace. To hold a card, simply click it. Then you may draw new cards. If a combination has been formed after the draw, then you will be paid according to the paytable. If not, good luck with another deal. 

The payouts at Deuces Wild are generous. Actually, all poker payouts are fantastic, if you think of it. The lowest paid combination of cards is Three of a kind. It is paid 1x if you bet on the 1st level and 5x if you bet on the 5th. The payouts for the most expensive combo of the game: the Original Royal Flush are much more impressive: 250x at the 1st level and 1,250 at the 5th level. 

As for the users interface at Deuces Wild, it’s intuitive, and we enjoyed it big time. There are buttons for betting: the ‘+’ and ‘-’ are for selecting the stake, and the ‘Bet One’ knob for selecting the level. Then there is a button for dealing. It turns into the button for drawing when the time comes. And that is it. The clear and simple control panel you will know how to use at a glance. 

So what is Deuces Wild and is it worth playing it? Basically, Deuces Wild is a regular poker game but with benefits. It features a wild, like a slot machine. This wild is the Deuce. It may replace any missing card in a combination. As for, is it worth playing? We loved every minute of Deuces Wild. 

If you like classic poker, you’d be mad about this variant of your favorite game. Even if you never played poker before, you will probably like it! Imagine poker with benefits and tips! Can a game get any better than this? 


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Date: 2021-02-20 11:36:34