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Memory Mind Games

We can’t think of the Memory Card as of a card game. It’s not really a game. Looks more like a fun pastime and entertainment perk you may enjoy if you have a free minute or two. But it’s paid for and quite handsomely. So let it be the game. 

The main idea of this game is to find matching pairs of cards. For each pair you get paid. When the game starts, you see several cards face down in front of you. The number is always even. You start turning the cards over to find the matching pairs. For each turn of a card, you pay 0.10 credits. You may turn over only two cards at once. 

If they don’t match, they will flip back again. If you need to turn one of them over again, you pay 0.10 again. So 0.10 is charged not for a card, but rather for an attempt. When you find two matching pairs, they will go out of the game and you will be granted 100.00 credits.

The game is really primitive but extremely enticing. The first round of the game features just 6 cards. So, there are 3 pairs to match. The next round is more challenging; it features 10 cards, thus 5 pairs. The third round features 16 cards. 

And the fourth round has 20 cards to match, and at the fifth round you will have to match 42 cards. And so on. The longer you play, the more complicated the gameplay gets. You have to pay attention to the suits a lot, as there may be cards of the same value but different suits, and you have to find the exact match. 

Your time is also limited. For the first round, you are given 1 minute. The next round has to be completed within one and a half minutes. The third round has a two minutes deadline. To complete the 4th round you have 8 minutes. The fifth round has a 10-minute deadline. If you fail to match all the pairs within the given time, then your game is over and you will start over from the very beginning. 

The bets are preset, so you don’t make any wagers in this game. Thus, there is no users’ interface whatsoever, only four widgets at the top of the screen. One indicates the time left till the end of the round. Check how much you have left there. Another widget is for the winnings. There you may check how much you have won. The wins are accumulated. 

So you won't be able to say how much you won in which round. Though, using some basic maths, it’s easy to figure out the exact number. Another widget show you how many pairs you have matched. And the last widget indicates the number of turns at this round. 

Memory Cards is not exactly the game of chance we usually review. It has nothing to do with chance. Here, everything depends on your memory. If your memory is good, then you will find it easy to win. The basic winning strategy here is to train your memory and attention. Thus, you will be able to memorize the cards as you turn them over the first time and you won’t have to open them again losing more money. 

The game is not influenced by some random unforeseeable factor. No, only sophisticated memory skills count here! Why not use it to your own advantage? The winnings are rather predictable. Also, this game is awesome for newbies who need some practice with cards. 

Good memory, attention to details, alertness and common sense are very valuable features when it comes to playing elaborate card games, especially using the strategic approach. Practice makes perfect!


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Date: 2021-02-20 11:34:13